Best Travel Places In The World

Best Travel Places In The World
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Travelling is not just a hobby; it is a mixture of adventurous experiences, unbelievably beautiful moments and blending yourself in different diverse cultures. Travelling is the art of roaming streets and museums and discovering how beautiful nature is. Travelling positively impacts our health by releasing happy hormones like dopamine. Besides increasing happy hormones, travelling increases knowledge and learning new things. If you are a travel lover, you must relate how intoxicating travelling is.

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1. Paris

Paris has been considered a timeless beauty and a symbol of elegance for decades; it is the city of spreading love and romance. People around the World always consider Paris for spending their honeymoon. Additionally, more than a romantic space, many people go to Paris to explore different cultures and monuments such as Eiffel Tower; this tower is a symbol of the brilliance of architecture. It is considered the pride of Paris; the view from its heights is breathtaking.

This city has impressive museums like Louvre Museum, historical places and artistic spirits like Mona Lisa, which reflects the bohemian culture. The city of love is famous because of its unique fragrances and items like a croissant, macarons and a wide variety of cafes that serves exotic food. Paris is the hub of fashion; many famous designers around the World are from Paris, Paris fashion galas and Paris fashion weeks. It would help if you visited Paris at least once in your life. 

2. Japan

Japan is famous because of its diverse cultures and theories, like Noh and Kabuki, and its cherished cultural heritage. People mainly visit Japan to try authentic Japanese cuisines like Sushi Tempura Ramen and Matcha Tea, which are famous worldwide. Japan is the hub of technology and innovation, a global leader in technology, and its electronics and gadgets are famous worldwide. Their efforts in innovation and cutting-edge inventions positively impact the whole World.

Japan is also considered a symbol of beauty because of its cherry blossoms, flowers, and sakura, which captured everyone's attention. Millions of visitors visit Japan to see its cherry blossom season. Japanese are known for their politeness, humbleness and good etiquette. Visiting Japan is like experiencing the World of animation like Anime, bullet trains, Buddhism culture and different temples.

3. Greece

If you want to experience and jump into the World of serene beauty and historical places, Greece will be your next destination. Greece has different historical sites like Acropolis and Olympia, and these Places will take you back to the time of marvels and ancient lovers. In Greece, visit the white-washed villages of Santorini to explore the stunning beauty of landscapes and lush forests. Greece has about 6000 islands and different beaches, which have their unique charm, and Greece's pleasant weather is like the cherry on top for beach lovers. For nature lovers, Greece offers hiking, sailing, climbing and water sports activities. Visiting Greece is like giving a treat to your eyes.

4. New York

Welcome to the the home of the World's greatest landmarks like Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. If you love diversity and the World's best museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Modern Museum of Art, to experience the wealth of history, then New York is for you. In New York, shop from world-famous stores like Fifth Avenue Luxury Boutiques and experience the jaw-dropping views from the One World Observatory and Top of the Rock. Visiting New York will give you a long-lasting experience of culture, entertainment, events and innovation.

5. Dubai

Dubai needs no introduction to how diverse and beautiful this city is, and it is called the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, ultra-modern structure and fantastic nightlife. Its top tourist attractions include Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Arab, Dubai Miracle Garden and Mall of the Emirates. Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, ports and beaches. Dubai has the best entertainment venues, such as the Opera House, Underwater Zoo, and Indoor Theme Parks. If you want to experience diversity and immerse yourself completely in the World of luxury, you must visit Dubai. It is a complete one-stop destination for religious spaces, restaurants and cultural events.


The best gift for your mind and soul is travelling; it sharpens your mind and releases happy hormones. Spending money on travelling is like an investment; it helps you explore new cities, cultures, and languages. In this article, we have suggested World's best travelling places which you must see once in a lifetime. These places are the hub of fashion, lifestyle, diversified cultures and luxurious lifestyles.

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