Best Window Treatments For Large Windows - Site Shade Co

Best Window Treatments For Large Windows - Site Shade Co
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20 December 2022

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You may think that having large windows will make them hard to secure window treatments that will look great and give you all the light, heat, glare, and UV ray control as well as energy efficiency and a stunning appearance. This isn’t true. Large windows give you a fantastic view of the outdoor world, and as such, you have many intriguing and perfect window treatments from which to choose.

Best Window Treatments For Large Windows

Some of the great choices of the best window treatments for large windows include:

• Cellular Shades
• Faux Wood Blinds
• Roller Shades
• Roman Shades
• Shutters

Cellular shades are very energy efficient and they can easily be custom-made to fit in large windows and look wonderful as well. They trap air next to your windows to need less energy for air conditioning in the summer and less heating in the winter, so they save you money all year round. Cellular shades will pay for themselves in a short amount of time with all the money you save on your energy bills. You can also choose from a huge array of colors to match your decor and in many different fabric weights as well. It is usually advisable to choose a fabric that is lighter in weight for large, expansive windows. You can choose from a large variety of light-filtering or blackout options depending on how much sun and heat you get in that particular window. For sliding glass doors, you may choose the vertical cellular shades with a stack that is accordion-like on each side of your sliding patio door for full functionality. Cellular shades are classy and have clean and simple lines to match any decor you may have.

Faux wood blinds are timeless and beautiful window treatments. They work exceptionally well for large windows because they are manmade of a lighter material than traditional hardwood blinds. Faux wood has wood grain details made into them for gorgeous patterns that are highlighted by the color of stain or paint you choose for them. The addition of a 3-on-1 headrail for your faux wood blinds allows three separate blinds to attach to the headrail at the top of very large windows. So, each large window has three actual sets of blinds that all operate independently of each other adjust your lighting by opening some of them, all of them, or closing them all to the height you desire. Faux wood blinds also resist cracking, fading, breaking, and bending, even in hot and humid areas of the state or in kitchen and bathroom windows.

Roller shades work well in large windows because they are made from wide rolls of fabric. They appear as a flat sheet of fabric when they are down and when you raise them, the extra fabric rolls up onto a cassette at the top of the window in a concealed fashion. You can choose from light and airy fabrics to heavier and luxurious fabrics to customize your appearance with roller shades. They are usually one of the least expensive options for large windows that operate simply and match modern and streamlined areas of your home. Choose from an almost unlimited supply of colors, patterns, and textures for your roller shades.

Roman shades are also made from fabric, giving you almost unlimited supplies of all types of fabrics in weight and appearance. You can choose a simple solid color fabric in the flat Roman shade that appears like a flat sheet of fabric when down, and when you raise them, they make beautiful horizontal folds neatly at the top of the window. Instead, you may choose a flat fold Roman shade style that shows folds both when they are raised or lowered, and choose a lavish and rich fabric for an over-the-top large window dressing.

Shutters are a good choice for large windows as well, they are made of either hardwood or faux wood and they are guaranteed for life in most instances. They are beautiful with wood grain patterns and in a classic style that will endure forever without the need to replace or change them in any way. If you choose faux wood shutters, they are lighter in weight and will not bend, break or fade in bright sunlight. You can also choose different mounting styles which dictate the way they look when opened. A popular style for large windows is the tier-on-tier style with two sets of panels covering the top of the window and two sets of panels covering the bottom of the window. Each set operates independently of each other to have half of your window open and the other half closed for great lighting control. Shutters also give you the advantage of filtered light when you tilt open the louvers on them, which is not available in window shades that can only lift up and down.

Find Your Window Treatment Fit with Site Shade Co 

At Site Shade Co, our expert designers assess your spaces in order to provide you with the best possible window treatments in the highest quality products for blinds in Clearfield Utah. among other items. We can help you decide which of the many options in styles, colors, and fabrics will be the most functional while being beautiful at the same time to showcase your large windows. Contact us today for your FREE in-home consultation for all of your window treatments in Clearfield Utah. We look forward to meeting you and designing something truly amazing together!

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