Beware the Deepfake: Exposing the DropsHunter Crypto Scam

Beware the Deepfake: Exposing the DropsHunter Crypto Scam
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19 September 2023

In the ever-evolving world of investments, where cryptocurrency has captured the imagination of people across generations, investors are perpetually in search of the next big opportunity promising substantial returns. Unfortunately, this pursuit of financial gain often paves the way for deceptive practices, as evidenced by the recent DropsHunter cryptocurrency scam. This unscrupulous operation leveraged a deepfake video advertisement to lure unsuspecting victims, falsely asserting an endorsement from none other than Elon Musk. In this article, we delve into the details of this scam, its modus operandi, and the reasons why individuals should exercise caution when navigating the treacherous waters of high-risk investments. Let's unravel the deception.more such informative blogs keep visiting Scamlegit.

Beware the Deepfake: Exposing the DropsHunter Crypto Scam

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What is the DropsHunter Crypto Scam?

Drops Hunter is a cryptocurrency scam operating through the websites and The platform claims to offer early access to valuable new cryptocurrencies and tools for identifying lucrative crypto airdrops and private pools. However, beneath the surface, Drops Hunter is a fraudulent scheme designed to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. To create an illusion of legitimacy, it employs misleading tactics, including deepfake videos and fictitious celebrity endorsements.

How DropsHunter Operates

The DropsHunter website lures users with promises of quick gains in the cryptocurrency market through special incentive programs, airdrops, and other services. The façade of credibility is maintained through bogus celebrity endorsements. Once they've received funds, victims quickly realize they can't access any real services. Their money is gone, their accounts deleted, and the website abandoned by the perpetrators, who move on to perpetrate the fraud anew.

Fake Endorsement by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is featured in a deepfake video promoting Drops Hunter, ostensibly praising the platform and urging people to sign up. This, however, is a deceptive marketing tactic. Drops Hunter has no affiliation with Elon Musk whatsoever. The video is a ruse aimed at deceiving viewers into believing that Musk has endorsed the platform.

The fabricated statements in the ad include:

"How to get a million dollars: take part in test Nets and airdrops for new projects, then hold the coin for a couple of months."

"Elon Musk creates new opportunities for everyone. It is the first automated solution for gathering tokens from the most promising blockchain products. It is now feasible to detect potential coins using artificial intelligence."

It's essential to emphasize that this endorsement was entirely fabricated. Elon Musk had no association with DropsHunter or Drops Hunter, and deepfake technology was utilized to manipulate his voice and image to lend an air of credibility to this fraudulent enterprise.

Uncovering the DropsHunter Scam

To truly comprehend the scale of this scam, one must examine the DropsHunter website where victims were encouraged to invest their funds. The site, accessible at, made lofty claims about the ease of amassing significant wealth through cryptocurrency investments.

Key features of the website included:

Wallet Connection: Users were prompted to link their cryptocurrency wallets to the DropsHunter platform, a procedure that typically raises red flags when dealing with unreliable services.

Entry Fee: Individuals were required to deposit $50 in any accepted cryptocurrency coin to use DropsHunter's services. This fee was touted as the gateway to substantial profits.

High Returns: DropsHunter enticed victims with promises of quickly generating a million dollars' worth of cryptocurrency. Their strategy involved participating in test networks for new projects and holding onto the assets for a period.

Artificial Intelligence Claim: DropsHunter claimed to employ artificial intelligence to identify potential coins, adding an extra layer of sophistication to their scam.

How the DropsHunter Scam Operates

The DropsHunter cryptocurrency theft scheme unfolds in multiple phases:

Step 1: Advertising

DropsHunter heavily relies on social media advertisements to identify potential victims. These ads make false claims about celebrity endorsements, enormous profit potential, and exclusive early access opportunities. Fear of missing out (FOMO) techniques are employed to drive clicks.

Step 2: Landing Page

The landing page, featuring testimonials, artificial scarcity, and profit claims, continues to build trust. Visitors are coerced into linking their cryptocurrency wallets to gain access.

Step 3: Fake Dashboard

Upon submitting a wallet and making a payment, users are presented with a dashboard that showcases features, statistics, and insights that do not actually exist. This further perpetuates the illusion.

Step 4: Theft

Once payment is received, often in the form of 0.5 ETH or more, the cryptocurrency is swiftly siphoned off. By the time victims realize what has occurred, their accounts are deactivated, and the website is abandoned.

Step 5: Shutdown

When a sufficient sum of stolen funds has been amassed, the DropsHunter website is taken down. The creators reemerge under a new identity, launching a fresh fraudulent venture.

Exposing the Scam

Several glaring red flags point to DropsHunter being a scam. To avoid falling victim to similar fraud schemes, it is imperative to remain vigilant and heed these warning signs:

Lack of Legitimate News Coverage: The absence of credible news coverage is a conspicuous indicator of a scam. A cryptocurrency project with the backing of someone as prominent as Elon Musk would undoubtedly garner significant media attention. The dearth of such coverage raises suspicions.

Russian Domain Registrar: A WHOIS domain search revealed that (and another domain, was registered with a Russian domain registrar. This registration process, contrary to the norm, cast doubts on the platform's credibility, as reputable cryptocurrency initiatives typically opt for well-known and transparent channels.

Lack of Transparency: DropsHunter conspicuously omitted crucial information about its founders and operators. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, where trust plays a pivotal role in investment decisions, transparency is paramount. The absence of such information is a major red flag.

Dubious Connections: Links to other platforms, such as "," on the website raised suspicions that these fraudsters may have cloned or replicated reputable services to deceive potential victims.

Inactive Social Media: DropsHunter's social media presence was, at best, lackluster. The project's legitimacy was further called into question due to its Twitter account's small following and sporadic updates.

Removed Comments: Potential victims were unable to voice their concerns or share their experiences in the comments section of the YouTube video featuring the deepfake ad. This lack of transparency heightened suspicions.

Meta's Responsibility

Social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram (owned by Meta, formerly Facebook, Inc.), play a pivotal role in the dissemination of scams like DropsHunter. These platforms enable fraudsters to promote the fictitious Drops Hunter initiative. This raises critical questions:

  1. Regulatory Action:Why aren't regulatory agencies taking more robust measures to combat such frauds? The absence of stringent regulations on these platforms is a primary catalyst for the proliferation of scams.
  1. Profit from Scammers:How much revenue does Meta generate from scam artists advertising on their platforms? Despite their substantial financial resources, Meta's approach to fraud prevention remains a topic of debate.
  1. User Safety: Shouldn't Meta prioritize user safety against scams and deceptive advertising? Users anticipate a certain level of security when using social media platforms, yet the increasing frequency of scams erodes this confidence.

Red Flags for DropsHunter Crypto Scam

  • Deepfake video
  • featuring fabricated celebrity endorsements.
  • Sleek, professional website design to create an illusion of trustworthiness.
  • False claims of limited slots or exclusive access.
  • Fake user reviews touting exorbitant profits.

Tactics exerting pressure on users to make hasty decisions.

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The DropsHunter cryptocurrency scam serves as a stark reminder of the importance of conducting thorough research before investing. As long as investors are enticed by the allure of substantial gains, scams and fraudulent schemes will persist. The deepfake Elon Musk video advertisement underscores the lengths to which con artists will go to deceive potential victims.

When considering cryptocurrency investments, it is essential to independently verify information and rely on reputable news sources. Scam victims not only suffer financial losses but also tarnish the reputation of the entire cryptocurrency sector. At, our mission is to remain vigilant for frauds like DropsHunter to ensure the safety of all investors.more such informative blogs keep visiting Scamlegit.


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