Beyond the Bin: What Are the Top Reasons to Hire a Document Shredding Service?

Beyond the Bin: What Are the Top Reasons to Hire a Document Shredding Service?
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Shredding is a method for securely destroying paper documents, with some shredders cutting in different directions, resulting in thin strips or extremely small pieces. As businesses and organizations transition to paperless practices, the need for secure document destruction increases. Many organizations turn to shredding services, which save time and money and ensure compliance. These services can perform on-site document Shredding Knoxville or transport documents to a separate location for shredding.

Why Is Document Shredding Necessary?

Digitizing and shredding hard copies of documents helps maintain business continuity and protect sensitive information. This environmentally friendly process reduces paper usage and storage needs. Mandated by federal and state laws, it is easier to recycle and is a sustainable option for companies, including medical, dental, personal, and tax forms. 

Why Does Your Business Need Professional Shredding Services?

Before you search for shredding services near me, let's look at why you need them for the reasons below:

  • Enhanced Security

A shredding company can handle sensitive information you don't want your competitors or employees to see, such as coworkers' salaries, confidential personnel and financial files, health insurance records, business and marketing plans, and other documents.

  • Increased Productivity

Taking employees away from their regular tasks to shred documents in-house reduces productivity and wastes time that could be spent on more important tasks. When a mobile document shredding service handles the job, your employees can focus on tasks that benefit your business.

  • Lower Liability

If you assign shredding to an employee who is injured in the process, you will be liable for the injury, time lost on the job, and workers' compensation.

  • Savings on expenses

Hiring a professional weekly or monthly paper shredding service saves you the cost of buying, maintaining, and repairing your shredder. Furthermore, their industrial shredders can do the job faster, more efficiently, and on-site, which is less expensive than hiring someone to do the work. Finally, digitizing and shredding documents frees up space that would otherwise be reserved for hard-copy records.

  • Compliance Certification

A professional document destruction service will certify the shredding of medical or health insurance documents, proving your company's HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.


In conclusion, using a document shredding service is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to dispose of sensitive information that benefits both individuals and businesses.

Paper Bee Gone provides highly secure, professional, on-site paper and confidential document shredding services in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. We also offer Before and After Hoarders for cleaning and decluttering unnecessary goods.

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