‘Big Mouth' Episode 6: YoonA Safeguards Seo Jae Young's Document

"Big Mouth" episode 6, Go Mi Ho (YoonA) doubted her spouse Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and also intimidated him towards point their relationship if he failed to say to the fact about his identification. Mi Ho also obtained an idea where Seo Jae Young's documents were actually concealed.

'Big Mouth' Episode 6: Go Mi Ho Check outs Park Chang Ho in Penitentiary

Gucheon Hospital's health care team are actually marked to accomplish offer work at the Gucheon Penitentiary. After recognizing that his partner pertained to check out him, Park Chang Ho acquired delighted towards reunite along with his partner.

After pet grooming themself, he ultimately encountered Mi Ho. Yet she went right towards the aspect and also talked to him about exactly just what was actually happening and also why was actually every person phoning him Big Computer mouse. She said to him that if he existed, it will more than in between all of them. Considering that the areas were actually under security, they headed out towards chat. Warden Park appeared let down for certainly not listening to the couple's chat.

Park Chang Ho acquired sincere along with his partner and also pointed out exactly just what actually took place in between him and also the actual Big Computer mouse. After he obtained the medicine checklist coming from Mayor Choi, odd factors took place, and also a person began delivering him information through memory card about his programs.

After she listened to his claim, she really experienced eased that her spouse was actually merely faking it towards recognize more about Seo Jae Young's instance - and also make use of the possibility towards catch and also capture that the infamous conman actually is actually.

Go Mi Ho Safeguards Seo Jae Young's Document

While active working from the Gucheon Healthcare facility and also checking out how in order to help Chang Ho, Go Mi Ho obtained an idea about Seo Jae Young's document. Kim Kyung Sook named her and also recommended a bargain.

She assured towards offer sturdy details about where towards locate the document for money. They taken care of towards seal the deal, yet it was actually then a person dropped facing Mi Ho coming from the roof of Gucheon Healthcare facility. She ran interior the property and also educated her about the occurrence.

She checked out Hyun Joo Hee (Alright Ja Yeon) and also said to her about the murder that took place outdoors the property. Mi Ho also challenged her and also pointed out that just before Kyung Sook dropped. She said to her that Seo Jae Young's document was actually interior Hyun Joo Hee's locket.

Joo Hee handed her the locket, yet it failed to available. Mi Ho apologized. Jang Hye Jin (Hong Ji Hee) overheard their chat.

In the upcoming clip, Seo Jae Young's documents arrived on Go Mi Ho's finger, after Jang Hye Jin handed all of them towards her. The girl confessed she possessed an event along with Seo Jae Young after sparing her coming from manipulative spouse Han Jae Ho, some of the VIPs.

Seo Ja Young offered her that locket where the document was actually concealed:





























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