Breaking Up With The “Music Copyright Violations” Using Smart Contracts

Breaking Up With The “Music Copyright Violations” Using Smart Contracts
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A day without music does not go well for most of us. With the addition of a few good tunes, we will be all set for an entire day of work. In this digital generation, the way we hear and own music has changed. We are no longer listening to songs on the radio or on iPods. With the evolution of internet-based technologies, all we need now is just a mobile app to hear some beats.

There are millions of music artists around the world. From a composer’s perspective, copyright infringement is more common in the music industry. What could be the best technology to break down these issues other than ‘blockchain?’ –  Let us dig in!

New Era Of Decentralized Music

In the traditional music industry, composers are more exposed to these problems such as music piracy, copyright violation, fake ownership claim, etc. To overcome this problem, we have the best solution in our hands!

Ever heard of “decentralized music?” 

Blockchain technology + Music = Decentralized music

As we know already, blockchain distributes the data across multiple network nodes. This is the reason why blockchain is nearly impossible to hack. So, if someone tries to steal or change your music data, it cannot be done so easily without the nodes' consent. Thus, the music artist will obtain one hundred percent ownership of their tune. 

The Magician At The Back Stage

Fair rewarding has always been a usual problem for a music artist. Not all composers will get the proper compensation for their music. Well, this isn’t the case here. 

NFTs in the music industry is quite remarkable. The artists can exhibit their talents around the world by creating a music token. With this method, fans can easily buy the original music of their favorite composers. Not to mention, it is all possible with the help of smart contracts.

Whenever a person buys a token, the artist will be paid directly. There will be no intermediaries in between these operations. Moreover, every part of the transaction will be encrypted. So, you need not worry about the privacy and anonymity of transaction data. Smart contracts will perform all these functions in the backend within a matter of minutes. 

Key Takeaway 

Smart contracts assure the must-have rights for a music creator. Also, the intrusion of blockchain in music is adding hype to the industry. Bring your music to the decentralized network, and leave the smart contract development part to us. We offer the best smart contract development services globally, and we have hands-on experience in them. 

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