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How will you calculate the area of a triangle?

There are different equations for calculating the area of a triangle; the most common equation for calculating the area of a triangle involves its base b, height h. The base refers to the side of the triangle where the height is the length of the line segment from the vertex opposite the base. 

Area = ½ b x h

If the length of two sides and the angle between them, then the below-given formula is used to determine the triangle's area. 

Area = ½ ab x sin(C)

Area = ½ bc x sin (A)

Area = ½ ac x sin (B)

You can also use Heron’s formula to calculate the area of a triangle with the length of three sides.

Area = √s (s-a) (s-b) (s-c)

Where s = a + b + c/2

What are the steps involved in a triangle calculator?

The below-given steps are used to calculate the triangle calculator as follows:

  • Enter the two side lengths and angle in the required input field
  • Click on the button ‘Calculate triangle’ to get the area and perimeter
  • Finally, a triangle's area and perimeter are displayed in the output field.

What do you mean by a triangle, and what are the types?

The triangle is a comparable two-dimensional  where the sum of the interior angles of the triangle is equal to 180 degrees. The classification of triangles based on sides is as follows:

  • Scalene triangle
  • Isosceles triangle
  • Equilateral triangle

The classification of triangles based on the angles is:

  • Acute angle triangle
  • Obtuse angle triangle
  • Right angle triangle

Why cannot a triangle have more than one obtuse angle?

A triangle cannot have more than one obtuse angle because the sum of angles in a triangle equals 1800, whereas an obtuse angle has more than 900 degrees. If you had two or more obtuse angles, their sum would exceed 1800. A triangle cannot have more than one right angle.

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