Can we put a curtain on a triangle window?

Can we put a curtain on a triangle window?
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15 September 2022

Funny question? Not that much; triangular windows, a priori original, are more widespread than it seems! Let's do a check-in.

The context: triangular windows, called gable windows

To bring natural light into a finished attic, windows are essential. Their very high location and just under the roof means they often take on particular shapes: trapezium and especially triangle (gabled windows). Generally placed on a blind wall, gable windows do not require any intervention on the roof during their creation and adapt to all architectural styles. Professionals must take care of installing such windows because the excellent distribution of the loads cannot be improvised.

The atypical pointed style of the triangular windows does not fail to attract attention. These windows point to the sky and lighten the facade. They promise a good quality of life inside the house, under the roof, potentially the friendliest hiding place if the light, the solar heat in winter and mid-season, the view, is there!

The need for curtains on a triangle window

That said, depending on the function that has been attributed to the habitable attic, curtains can be helpful, even essential. Parental bedroom, teenager's bedroom, guest bedroom, or TV room, the need for privacy is felt in this particular and very exposed room. A large bed at the edge of the gable window, overlooking the garden, is exceptional and very palpable, provided you can escape the view from the outside and protect yourself from being woken up too early by the beating sun on the glass!

And if this room is for you, a library lounge, an office, an artistic workshop, a gym, sheer curtains to calm the summer heat, and isolate yourself to feel in your bubble, admit that it is not of refusal.

Install the rod and curtains for a triangle window

To install curtains on a triangular window, you must follow the shape of the slope when you attach your rod because you generally do not have room to lay a rod horizontally. It would be best to have rail curtain poles with each roller blocked to prevent the curtain from "tumbling" because of the slope. For a trapeze: a rail; for a triangle: two slopes, therefore two rails. The curtain is pleated with a gathering braid (roulette); it hides the rail, which visually disappears. Consider possibly tiebacks to hold your curtains.

You will not find ready-made curtains for triangular windows on the market. You must either order fabric by the meter to make your own curtains or contact a custom curtain professional. After a quick tour of Imperial Rooms uk to refine your textile desires (material, pattern), contact us directly by phone or messaging so that we can discuss your case.

Here is what we ask you to make your custom curtains for the triangle window:

The surface to be covered

: This is often more than the window itself, for example, the entire sub-slope. Please give us a basic diagram indicating the dimensions of this surface to be covered.

Which fabric choice for triangle window curtains?

Depending on your tastes and your interior, you will go for plain, printed curtains in jacquard fabric or perhaps in a veil for more transparency (a good solution in summer to sift gently).

On the technical side, if you want to obscure the view and make the room completely dark, have your curtains lined with a grey blackout curtain lining (offered by If you have to solve a problem of cold and noise, opt for the radical solution of the thermal blackout curtains and sound lining (be careful, the touch will be affected because it gives a little rusty side).

If in doubt, order fabric samples to confirm your choice with confidence. Once the desire and needs have been defined, we will take care of you!

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