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In the early 80’s, the founders of Cantex began their journey in the textile industry with the design and manufacturing of hospitality linen products overseas. With the background knowledge of the industry and manufacturing process, Cantex was born in 1990.


Since inception over 30 years ago, Cantex has been committed to quality and customer service in the linen and textile industry. Our product line includes much more than just linen. We supply a full range of luxurious products including (but not limited to) Duvets,


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canada and much more! Our extensive variety of products and attention to detail really set us apart from our competition. The service and quality we provide is second to none.


We can customize garments to make them your own with our in-house embroidery and printing services. If you can imagine an idea of what you’d like, we have the tools to make it happen!


A duvet cover is a cover for duvet. The duvet cover protects duvet during use.


Duvet covers frequently have a decorative function on the bed, allowing for change of pattern or design for different occasions, or to serve different functions; for example, a heavier duvet cover may be used during colder seasons.


Mass-produced duvet covers are usually made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester and can be easily removed to wash at home, while a duvet can be expensive and difficult to clean. Duvet covers may be made from two sheets or panels of cloth sewn together.


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The word duvet is used a bit more generally in Europe, but in the US, we define a duvet as a quilted insert unique from the comforter. In this guide, we’ll cover the duvet meaning and all you need to know about finding the best one for your ideal night of sleep.


Casper duvets are fluffy and cozy enough to bundle you up and ship you off to dreamland. Whether you sleep hot or want an alternative to down, we have a duvet for you.


Achieving that perfect night of rest requires bedding that fits your unique sleeping style. With so many terms being thrown around, where do you begin? The duvet — easily confused with a comforter or quilt — is a unique top layer that allows you to customize your bedding throughout the year.


Let’s start with the duvet cover definition. A duvet cover is a fabric case that fits around your duvet and closes with buttons, snaps, or zippers. It allows easier washing, flexible design, and even a different feel under the covers. Here are a few important tips to know about duvet covers:


Confused about the difference between a duvet vs. a duvet cover? Shopping for the two main parts of a duvet set can be confusing. Remember that the duvet is the fluffy blanket inside the set and the duvet cover is the cozy shell that goes around it. You need both for a full duvet set.


The duvet filling material provides different levels of breathability and physical weight. They range from natural to synthetic fibers — down or feathers being the most traditional option. The filling is evenly distributed throughout the blanket for even comfort.


Inside you’ll typically find:
















We’ll explain how to choose the best materials for you below, including what goes inside the cotton duvet cover.


Always start with comfort. Do you suffer from allergies? You may want to choose a polyester shell and filler that is easy to clean — to get rid of dust or dust mites — and avoids potent chemicals. Merino wool is also known to help allergy sufferers and balance humidity.


Natural materials, however, are more likely to maintain breathability and fit your body shape. These include goose and duck down or feather, cotton, or even silk fillers.


Your shell and filler material will also dictate the weight of the blanket on your body and the amount of heat it holds inside. Check out your “tog rating” to determine the heat of your blanket — higher numbers are better for the fall and winter and low numbers are great for summer sleeping. Your fill weight, on the other hand, dictates how much of that “weighted blanket” feel you’ll get in bed.


Just like your bed sheet sets and comforters, duvets come in the traditional sizes:




Twin XL










California King


When in doubt, size up when choosing the right duvet for your bed. A little extra room will cover the bed frame without a bed skirt and be a bit easier to maneuver if you share your bed.


A duvet set includes a duvet insert, a duvet cover, and typically a matching pair of pillow shams. A Cotton duvet cover set, however, will typically include the cover and corresponding linens with the duvet insert sold separately.

duvet cover
duvet covers

duvet covers

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