Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Carpets are a great addition to any home, adding comfort and style. They also help keep a home clean and hygienic, so it’s important to regularly maintain them. However, spills and stains happen, and they’re not always easy to prevent or remove in large carpet cleaning St. Catharines.

Regular vacuuming is a good way to get rid of surface dirt that may otherwise build up on your carpets and mat down their fibers. It can also reduce the amount of dust mites that live in your carpet, reducing your family's risk of asthma and allergy attacks. A good quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction, rotating brushes and a HEPA filter is recommended.

Stain removal is an essential part of the carpet cleaning process and can make a big difference in how your floor looks and feels. To get the best results, follow these tips:

Use a quality rug shampoo and a vacuum to deep clean your rugs every six months or so. This will remove ground-in dirt and make them look and feel new again.

Wash your rugs monthly with a gentle, phosphate-free soap to remove odors and soiling caused by pets or other sources. This will help you avoid the need to steam-clean your rugs more often.

Baking soda and vinegar are two natural stain-removing agents that are often overlooked. Both can be used in conjunction with a little elbow grease and some patience to remove stains and neutralize the smells that accompany them, according to Wilkesmann.

For a more concentrated stain removal solution, mix one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to a spot that has a stain and gently scrub the area with a sponge or scrub brush. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Another effective homemade stain-removal agent is bleach mixed with water. This will lift stains and remove any yellow tinges they may have. It will also disinfect the carpet and eliminate any bacteria or other organisms that have been transferred from other surfaces.

Rinse the stained carpet with warm water and blot away any excess water with a paper towel. This step can take several hours, so be sure to check on the carpet often.

Using a rug shampoo or other product with baking soda to treat odors is a good idea too. It can help neutralize a strong scent, as well as remove and absorb oily spills.

Be careful with a vinegar-and-water mixture on synthetic or wool carpets, as the combination can strip the colors from these materials and cause them to fade, says Gurskyi. Test a small area of the carpet with the mixture before applying to an entire room.

The carpet shampoo process is a lot like the hair shampoo process, but with the added benefit of being able to penetrate the fibers of your carpet. This is important, as the shampoo will not only be able to lift stains but will also break down any underlying dirt or dust that has been pushed into the carpet fibers.

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