Challenges facing the Acting and Modeling Industry

Challenges facing the Acting and Modeling Industry

This industry does not only involve strutting the cat walk and showing off the curves. There are so many ups and downs that make or break the careers of millions of people in this industry. Some of the personalities have stood unbowed by the conditions while others have caved in or completely lost it. One of the challenges in the acting and modeling world is the rise in fake agencies. In all places all over the world, there are hundreds or even millions of young people who think they have the looks to get into this industry. For that reason, the number of agencies promising so many things to these unsuspecting youths is increasing every day. This is a lucrative industry and the unscrupulous agencies use this as the bait. 

It is possible to find actors and models who receive empty promises of securing contracts for months on end. Even when the work is genuine, the actors or models have to bear the long inconsistent working hours. Basically, when a person gets into this industry, he or she no longer has control over the time spent working. The contracts come up any time of day or night. Some models also sign up for deals they are not sure of, especially in relation to the payment terms and the type of work. This has brought down so many professionals because they cannot revoke the deal especially when it involves key players in the industry. Sometimes, the pay may not be equal to the amount of work involved and the models have to hold on to more than one job to make ends meet. The same case applies to the actors and actresses. There are so many takes in a scene before the director is satisfied. This translates to more hours on the set away from life, friends and family. 

As if that is not enough, acting and modeling professionals also have to deal with eating disorders. This comes about due to the demand to maintain a face that is familiar with the audience. Since there is a lot of expectation from their fans and the employers, the urge to lose or maintain weight may push them to the extreme. This is also influenced by the constant media glare that is leading to many cases of anorexia amongst the celebrities in these careers. In addition, some of the actors and models forget to take care of their bodies because they do not want to be rejected by the world or the employers. Acting and modeling professionals are also challenged by addictions. This can be in relation to drugs or alcohol. Some adopt these habits as they try to handle the anxiety or fear of media, rejection, rivals in the industry or just for attention. They may start at it as a hobby but soon enough, it becomes an addiction. All these challenges have a negative impact on the individuals’ self image.

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