Cheap Floor Sanding With High Service, It Is Gulvkbh In sandbox

Cheap Floor Sanding With High Service, It Is Gulvkbh

Floor sanding is done on all types of wood floors, but with different methods and products, as all floors are different and require different surface treatments. Floor sanding of board floors and plank floors, for example, is more complex than similar treatments of parquet floors. The reason is that they become more crooked than parquet floors, and they typically need to be straightened much more. Floor sanding is done on all types of wooden floors that are worn, worn, discolored, painted where there is glue, putty / leveling compound. Before sanding, you must be aware of whether your floors can withstand or withstand a floor sanding, and whether they have had a Gulvafslibning before. Slatted floors can be sanded up to three times, while more solid wood floors can be sanded many times. For an even stronger result, solid wood floors can also be planed,

How is floor sanding performed at Gulvkbh?

Floor sanding is always done along the length of the wood. You start with coarse-grained sandpaper and gradually sand to the fine-grained, and finally you finish the process of sanding edges, so you do not experience elevations and depressions from the large floor machine. In some cases, the floor is so crooked in advance that you have to straighten it manually. Here you first sand across until the existing floor treatment is completely removed, and then diagonally in both directions until the floor is completely straightened. Then the floor is sanded along the length of the wood, and finally sanded with grain 120 to remove all scratches from the sanding across.

Before sanding the floor, be sure to dive all visible nails as they damage the floor sanders and damage the coating on the sandpaper we use to sand with. This results not only in a greater consumption of sandpaper, but also an inferior end result due to poorer cleaning. Diving nails also limits creaking and other noises from the floor.

The difference between planning and grinding

When a floor is very crooked or is plagued by old floor treatment, which cannot be removed with floor sanding, a deeper floor planning is performed which removes 1-3 millimeters against 0.2-1 millimeters from classic floor sanding. After floor planning, the floor has a planed and rough surface that must be sanded before it can be treated and made ready for use. If you are in doubt about whether your floor should be planed or sanded, you are welcome to contact us or send photos by e-mail - then we can help find the right solution. We generally do not recommend performing floor planning on your own.

Can you get cheap quality work?

Good floor sanding and floor planning does not have to be particularly expensive, and especially not if you take into account the duration of the beautiful end result. Unfortunately, there are many hackers and unprofessional players in the industry who entice with a very low price and deliver poor solutions. If you are in doubt about whether a flooring company is serious or not, we recommend that you inquire about which flooring products and which sandpaper they use, and check their CVR or SE number in the central public registers. Conversely, there are also several companies that take grotesque overprices, and therefore we recommend contacting at least 3-5 flooring companies for offers, to get a factual impression of the price level.

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