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24 November 2022

I was recently flummoxed upon reading a news article regarding a debut of an ultra luxurious Swiss Watch brand within the States, with prices starting at a recession breaking tag of $350,000 (talk about economic down turn!). I always drooled at the thought of having one of those sleek TAG Heuer or Rolex officially certified chronometer watches, but that price tag is royalty. However, one does wonder about what is with these watches. What makes them so special? You are still just going to check the time, then why is this industry so unique?

To trace the answer, you have to travel all the way into the snowy Alps of Switzerland. It is here, in this small country, that the unique brand tag of "Swiss made" is generated. The words "Swiss made" symbolizes an impression of class. Elevated methodological features, implication of precision, dependability, shock-resistance and water-resistance as well as portentous sophistication and the creativity of their design are all present within that trademark, engraved on all Swiss Watches.

To fall in the league of "Swiss made" watches, the whole chain reaction of the watch from its idea, to design, to production, and all in-between has to be carried out in Switzerland, including its ultimate assessment, carried out by The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry or FH for short.

Extensive hard work, put in by the watch making companies, has created a generation after generation ritual of inborn worth for the "Swiss made" trademark. Despite the fact that new high-status brands breed within the country day by day, no one has transferred any part of the work to any other part of world (this is not as straight forward as an Apple iPod!)

Although the luxury and high end market of watches has expanded throughout the globe, and the Swiss are facing a tough competition from rivals within Europe and as well as here in the States, their matchless craftsmanship, infrastructure, their acquaintance with style, originality and guts to show off has kept them on top of the world, in the watch making industry.

There is a common saying, "with fame comes a price", so, it is quite understandable why every day, now and then, we come to see a replica of a watch, selling for 10 times less the price of its original counterparts. This makes the "Swiss made" label vulnerable, and that is where the FH (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry) step back in the show. You see, it is the sole responsibility of the Federation to stop, prevent and eliminate counterfeiting of all such trademarks; including but not limited to, brand names, designs, logos, etc.

Consumers should also be on the lookout for such counterfeits. You should always buy from an official authorized reseller of the brand, and should not fall into the temptations of any outrageous deals, that sound disbelieving. This way, you can also put in a part to save the heritage of "Swiss made" watches, and justification for a fair trade.

So, next time when you decide to invest into a piece of art, buy a Swiss watch, because it a true masterpiece of its own kind.

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