Chicago Fire Jacket: A Closer Look at Kelly Severide's Signature Style

Chicago Fire Jacket: A Closer Look at Kelly Severide's Signature Style
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05 December 2023

In the thrilling world of firefighting drama, "Chicago Fire" has become a staple, capturing the hearts of viewers with its intense rescues and compelling characters. Among these characters is the charismatic and brave Kelly Severide, portrayed by the talented Taylor Kinney. As the show celebrates its 100th episode milestone, Kinney reflects on his journey, from the early days of feeling "silly" in his firefighter gear to becoming a seasoned professional on and off-screen.

In the pilot episode of "Chicago Fire," Taylor Kinney found himself in a rather amusing situation. Recalling a memorable scene during a recent Facebook Live interview, Kinney shared an anecdote about repelling into Lake Michigan. "I remember not having a clue what the hell I was doing," he chuckled. Clad in a drysuit, a goofy harness, and all the firefighting gear, Kinney ran his lines while repelling off a bridge into the river. The scene, though initially feeling bizarre and silly, turned out great and set the tone for Severide's character.

Chicago Fire Jacket: A Closer Look at Kelly Severide's Signature Style

The Symbolism of the Chicago Fire Jacket:

The Chicago Fire jacket worn by Kelly Severide is more than just a piece of wardrobe; it's a symbol of courage and camaraderie. The jacket, emblazoned with the fire department's insignia, represents the unity and resilience of the team. As Severide faces the intense challenges of firefighting, the jacket becomes a visual reminder of his commitment to the job and the brotherhood he shares with his fellow firefighters.

Taylor Kinney's Take on the Wardrobe:

In an industry where costumes play a crucial role in character development, Taylor Kinney has embraced the significance of the Chicago Fire jacket. In interviews, Kinney has expressed the impact of the wardrobe on his portrayal of Severide, stating that the jacket helps him embody the character's spirit and dedication. The actor's appreciation for the attention to detail in the costume department adds authenticity to Severide's on-screen persona.

Chicago Fire Jacket: A Closer Look at Kelly Severide's Signature Style

Behind-the-Scenes: Crafting the Chicago Fire Jacket:

The creation of the Chicago Fire jacket involves meticulous attention to detail. The wardrobe department collaborates with designers to ensure the jacket not only aligns with real firefighting gear but also reflects the character's individuality. From the placement of patches to the choice of materials, every aspect is carefully considered to maintain authenticity and resonate with the show's audience.

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