Choosing An In-house A/v Provider For Your Corporate Event Venue

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Corporate events require high-quality audio/visual to ensure a successful and engaging experience for attendees. That's why many corporate event venues have started to consider the benefits of hiring an in-house A/V provider. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of having an in-house A/V provider for corporate events and why Audio Visual Installer is the ideal choice for corporate event venue owners.


When you hire an in-house A/V provider for your corporate event venue, they will take the time to learn and understand the unique features of your space. They will know how to set up the equipment to get the best sound and visuals in the room, and they will be able to provide creative solutions for events that require special lighting or sound effects. This knowledge can be invaluable when you are trying to create the perfect corporate event experience for your attendees. Being able to show a meeting planner other events that have occurred in the same venue can make it much easier to visualize what their experience will be.


An in-house A/V provider will typically pay commissions to the venue, which provides an additional revenue stream. By hiring an in-house A/V provider, you can create a new revenue stream that can help offset other costs associated with running the venue.

Moreover, an in-house A/V provider may be able to offer more competitive pricing to clients than external vendors, as they do not have to factor in the cost of travel, and may have less setup time. This can make the venue more attractive to event planners and increase the number of events hosted at the venue.


Having an in-house A/V provider also allows the venue management to provide an additional service for their corporate event attendees. It shows that you are committed to providing a high-quality experience for your clients, and it makes it easier for attendees to plan their events. By having an in-house provider, the venue can offer a one-stop-shop for all of the corporate event needs.


An in-house provider will treat the venue with respect. Having an A/V team who is on a first-name basis with your staff and will be seeing them day after day provides a different dynamic than an outside vendor who is just there to get a job done and then leave. This means that the venue won't have to worry about damages to their equipment or the venue itself. An in-house provider is invested in the success of the venue and will do everything in their power to ensure that the corporate events they support are successful.


Corporate campuses, conference centers, wineries, and other event spaces that host corporate events can benefit from an in-house A/V provider. These types of venues often host a variety of corporate events, from meetings to conferences, and require high-quality A/V solutions. By having an in-house provider, the venue can ensure that they are providing the best possible experience for their corporate event attendees.


STG Events has extensive experience managing corporate event venues of all sizes. We provide levels of service appropriate for any venue, from drop-off and setup of equipment as needed, to establishing an office with full-time staff and dedicated equipment. We work with each client to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions that meet their corporate event requirements.

In conclusion, choosing an in-house A/V provider for your corporate event venue can provide a variety of benefits. An in-house provider will learn and understand the unique features of the venue, pay commissions to the venue, provide an additional service for attendees, treat the venue with respect, and provide customized solutions for a variety of corporate events. STG Events is the ideal choice for your corporate event A/V needs.

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