Choosing the Right Netting for Soccer Goals: A Guide for Soccer Enthusiasts

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05 October 2023

Are you an avid soccer player or a parent of a budding soccer star? Whether you're a professional athlete or just enjoy a friendly kickabout in your backyard, one essential component of the game that often goes overlooked is the soccer goals. Specifically, we're talking about the netting that goes into these goals.

In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of netting and make sure you choose the right one for your soccer goals.

Why Netting Matters?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of choosing the perfect netting for your soccer goal posts nz, let's take a moment to understand why netting is a crucial part of the game. The net is what makes scoring goals so satisfying and visually exciting. It not only serves as a boundary but also provides instant feedback on your shooting skills.

Different Types of Netting

When it comes to soccer goals, not all nets are created equal. Here's a breakdown of the most common types:

  1. Polyethylene Netting

Polyethylene netting is a popular choice for many soccer enthusiasts. It's known for its durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Whether you're playing in the scorching sun or during a rainy day, polyethylene netting can withstand the elements. This type of netting is often used in professional leagues due to its reliability.

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  1. Nylon Netting

Nylon netting is another solid choice for your soccer goals. It's lightweight, making it easy to install and transport. Nylon netting is known for its high strength and resistance to stretching, ensuring that your net retains its shape even after countless shots on goal.

  1. Cotton Netting

While less common in modern soccer, cotton netting is an eco-friendly option. It has a classic feel and is often used for recreational purposes. However, it may not be as durable as polyethylene or nylon netting, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

Mesh Size Matters

The size of the mesh in your soccer goals NZ is an essential factor to consider. The mesh size affects the visibility of the net and how easy it is for the ball to pass through.

  • Standard Mesh (4" x 4"): This is the most common mesh size and is suitable for most soccer applications. It provides good visibility and is the perfect balance between ball containment and easy retrieval.
  • Smaller Mesh (2" x 2"): If you want to focus on precision shooting or practice drills, a smaller mesh size is ideal. It prevents the ball from flying through easily, making ball retrieval more accessible.
  • Larger Mesh (6" x 6"): Larger mesh sizes are typically used for recreational play. They offer excellent visibility and are more forgiving when retrieving the ball.

Consider Your Playing Environment

Lastly, when choosing netting for your soccer goals, consider the environment in which you'll be playing. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, opt for netting materials that are weather-resistant. If your goals will be left outdoors year-round, durability should be a top priority.


The right netting for your soccer goals NZ can significantly enhance your playing experience. Whether you're honing your skills or enjoying a casual match with friends, selecting the appropriate netting material and mesh size will ensure hours of fun on the field.

So, take your time, do your research, and invest in the netting that suits your needs best.

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