Choosing the right Vaporizer – Is smoking or vaping cannabis the same thing?

Choosing the right Vaporizer – Is smoking or vaping cannabis the same thing?
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05 October 2023

Our range of portable and desktop vaporizers is ideal for dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids. Our vaporizers are suitable for all budgets, so everyone can find their perfect vaporizer.

What Are Vaporizers?

Dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids can all be heated and inhaled using vaporizers, which can be either portable or desktop devices. What differentiates them from classic smoking is that they do not burn plant materials; instead, vaporizers produce a cloud of vapor. Vaporizers not only eliminate the burning of cannabis but their temperature can be adjusted to the user’s tastes, providing a more even, terpene-rich vapor.

Vaporizers are the ideal choice for medicinal users because users can enjoy the same effects with a smaller amount of dry herbs. Recreational marijuana users can also reduce costs in the long run because vaporizers can be refilled and reused without the need for reeds, filters, or tobacco.

How Do Vaporizer Work?

Vaporizers use two primary heating methods, conduction and convection. Conduction is where the plant material is heated by direct contact with the heating element. However, the temperature range provided by vaporizers is well below the burning point, preventing the creation of smoke.

Convection occurs when air is heated and passed through plant material. Both methods isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter so that they will be inhaled as vapors. By regulating the temperature, it is possible to isolate specific chemical compounds – something you can’t do with a joint or a blunt.

What are the types of Vapes?

Vaporizers are divided into two broad categories: portable and desktop. Each group is further divided into vaporizers adapted for various cannabis derivatives. These include dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids. Each has its unique characteristics; the choice being based on personal taste. If you want to buy a vaporizer, then by using Storz and Bickel coupon you can get a discount on your desired vaporizer.

All products in the Storz and Bickle Vaporizer category have been carefully selected to offer a selection of easy-to-use portable vaporizers and high-quality desktop vaporizers to suit every budget.

Is smoking or vaping cannabis the same thing?

Absolutely Not! If you have been administered inhaled cannabinoid therapy you must equip yourself with a vaporizer, a medical device specifically designed to vaporize cannabis and keep its therapeutic qualities intact.

Why not smoke cannabis?

Because Smoking is bad for your health, this is a well-established concept. The scientific community has always warned us about the damage caused to the lungs by smoking and cannabis is no exception since the combustion of plant material can produce carcinogens.

Why vaporization is preferred?

Inhalation administration is often preferred by doctors to address acute problems and to provide more immediate relief to the patient. Furthermore, it can also be adopted in cases where oral administration is not recommended, such as in cases of nausea and vomiting.

A special device is required for vaporization. In Italy, there are two vaporizers approved as medical devices approved by the Ministry of Health: Volcano Medic and Mighty+ Medic, both made by Storz & Bickel. The pharmaceutical cannabis inflorescences are placed inside the device which will heat them to a certain temperature. Once heating is complete, you can then inhale the vaporized product.

The advantages of vaporization.

Vaping has a series of advantages highlighted by a long series of studies and research:

Eliminates health risks associated with combustion;

It allows a reliable dosage of the active ingredients prescribed by the doctor;

The effects are quickly visible, as the lungs absorb the vapor quickly;

In vapor, the presence of cannabinoids is over 90% (in smoke, only 12%);

With inhalation there is bronchodilation and respiratory function improves after about a month of use.

  1. E-cigs compared to traditional cigarettes
  2. Vaping
  3. To smoke
  4. Conclusions: is it better to vape or smoke?


There are mainly two advantages of e-cigarettes compared with traditional cigarettes, as most experts in the scientific and healthcare world admit:

1) Fewer negative effects on health, substitute function (almost completely harmless and without compromises, unlike what happens with patches or tablets) fundamental for the prevention and fight against smoking.

2) The possibility of managing the level of nicotine that we inhale.

Let’s see what the differences are between the two ways of smoking.


Vaping is now considered as primary anti-smoking solution available to tobacco cigarette smokers. The transition from classic cigarettes to electronic cigarettes has for some years been affecting the “community” made up of millions of smokers all over the world, each with a different motivation.

Electronic cigarettes are devices on sale almost all over the world since 2003, the year they debuted in China. These products guarantee a completely new experience for smokers, with less damage to health and great customization. Over the years, e-cigs have evolved, becoming small technological jewels, even modular, and guaranteeing increasingly better performance. Electronic cigarettes is made with several elements:

  • Cartridge or filter
  • Atomizer
  • Sensors and connectors
  • Lithium-ion

The operation of e-cigarettes is extremely simple: the vaper activates the electronic cigarette by pressing a button or simply by inhaling through the filter (in the latter case a sensor activates everything).

The initial step causes the battery to turn on which activates the resistance contained in the atomizer which heats the liquid in the cartridge. The vapor results from the vaporization of the liquid inhaled by the vaper who will have the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. To buy the perfect vaporizers visit the store Storz & Bickel, they also provide Storz and Bickel coupon code in 2023.

 Healthy alternative:

Naturally, vaping is a real “healthy” alternative to smoking, since it is based on a  liquid composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (together, these two substances form the basic liquid ), aromatic substances, and, optionally, nicotine (the presence of the latter can be in more or less consistent doses depending on one’s dependence or will).

There are also some contraindications to vaping, but significantly less dangerous than tobacco smoking. The toxicity of e-cigs is 10 times lower than tobacco.

E-cigarettes are using, and with success people who want to quit smoking. In addition to the fact, that e-cigs allow you to maintain the typical gestures of classic cigarettes. The use of nicotine by dosing it gradually and seeing the smoke represents the only way to smoke in most close places. Public places where the use of classic cigarettes is not allowed by the authorities, such as cinemas, discos, pubs, airports, control centers, control towers, ferries, and cruises.

The advantages of e-cigs:

The advantages of e-cigs are clear to everyone and, if what is written in the article so far is not enough, you can take a quick look at this significant summary of information:

Gradual and personalized control of nicotine dosage

  • vaporizes liquid nicotine, flavorings, and solvents, also used in the food industry
  • limited environmental pollution
  • several studies are verifying the formation of toxic and carcinogenic substances caused by non-certified liquids and unusual resistance temperatures during vaporization, even if to a lesser extent, in terms of quantity and quality, compared to traditional tobacco
  • There is a rechargeable lithium battery, which allows you to smoke anywhere and does not require a lighter
  •  Lower cost compared to classic cigarette packs.


Everyone knows how a traditional cigarette works but often does not know the effects of the combustion of tobacco and paper that occurs while smoking.

This action generates more than 4,000 toxic substances that are inhaled by smokers and those around them (passive smoking is perhaps even more of a problem, especially for pregnant women and children), and among these, we mention:


It is a natural element of petroleum but is also found, produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon, in volcanoes, or following fires. To demonstrate the high harmfulness of this substance, just think that pesticides and motor vehicle fuels contain benzene. Benzene is carcinogenic and linked to serious human diseases: leukemia, anemia, genetic damage, damage to bone tissue, and complications for pregnant women. Cigarette smoking generates 50% of exposure to benzene, whether it is active or passive it makes no difference.


Falls into the category of bactericidal substances, but is usually used to preserve fabrics during embalming processes or even for common household products, from building materials to air fresheners. Formaldehyde irritates the eyes and mucous membranes and is the main cause of the stinging cough that affects both the smoker and those around him. The AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) has indicated it as a 100% carcinogenic substance.


Tar is not a single harmful substance but is a cocktail of chemical agents generated with the combustion of tobacco. It appears as a brown, sticky residue visible on the teeth, fingers, and lungs of smokers. Due to its danger and the fact that the consequences of its “work” are visible to the human eye, many brands have launched “light” cigarettes with low tar content (tar in English) on the market. Naturally, this is a pure marketing operation since the lights do not reduce the risks associated with tobacco smoking, given that there are dozens of other chemical substances that are extremely harmful to smokers’ bodies.


It is a poison, and this is very harmful, and it consists of rat poison. Doesn’t bode well, does it? Arsenic accumulates in the smoker’s body, seriously damaging the heart and blood vessels and intervening in a harmful way in the body’s repair of DNA damage. To make sure you don’t miss anything, it is carcinogenic, and damages the nervous and digestive systems.


Cadmium is a metal that is normally used in the industry to make batteries of all types. The damaged organs are the kidneys and the circulatory system, particularly the lining of the arteries. Cadmium is also considered carcinogenic. Normally this metal is excreted through urine, but the dose present in cigarettes can exceed what we can dispose of. For this reason, a part remains in the body and causes serious problems.


Normally present in enamels and paints, it is established that chromium is among the main causes of lung cancer, one of the most terrible. Among other (harmful) things, chromium acts as a “Trojan horse” for other cancer-causing substances, allowing them to bind more easily to DNA and damage it.

Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide creates various imbalances in the organism. Starting with the heart and blood vessels, which are profoundly damaged by the passage of time, up to the cilia that protect the respiratory tract, which have the function of protecting the lungs, allowing toxins not to penetrate. Hydrogen cyanide manages to inhibit them and the smoker’s body becomes ill with a chronic cough in an attempt to expel the harmful agents.

Hydrogen monoxide

This colorless and odorless gas represents a good part of the combustion products of cigarettes, with 3-5%. Its “task” is to bind to the iron ion of hemoglobin in place of oxygen, in such a way as to reduce the quantity of oxygen carried by the blood with consequent deprivation of the lymph necessary for tissue life.

Nitrogen oxide

There can be nothing good linked with the substance that is found in car exhausts. And is among the major air pollutants. Unlike the other substances released by traditional cigarettes. Nitric oxide is also produced by our body, but in modest quantities to facilitate the expansion of the respiratory tract. However, the excess of this substance causes greater absorption of nicotine and other poisons, as well as greater difficulty in breathing.


This substance can convert nicotine into a gas, making it easier to absorb from the lungs and blood and increasing its addictive effect.

So, in short, traditional cigarettes:

  • they have   very strong nicotine concentrations that cannot be gradually decreased
  • inside them, there are over 4,000 toxic and carcinogenic chemical substances
  • they cause high environmental pollution caused by passive smoking, ash, and cigarette butts
  • they cause damage to the body, to the various systems and organs, predispose to cancer, and represent, without a shadow of a doubt, the leading global cause of heart attack and coronary heart disease.


The analog cigarette, i.e. the classic tobacco cigarette, seems to be starting to lose a little in terms of sales. Huge thanks to the growing passion for vaping. Smokers are aware that smoking traditional cigarettes every day is harmful. And, thanks to the alternative which does not eliminate the addictive factors. Nor nicotine (which can be added to the liquids contained in e-cigs. Gradually reduced), neither gestures nor smoking makes the transition less painful. Something that did not happen before the advent of the electronic cigarette.

Those who smoke classic cigarettes, more than in recent years. Have been tempted to abandon tobacco smoking and dedicate themselves to vaping. Even the final data of many studies and scientific research have proven that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Those who have already made the switch have experienced it. First-hand the benefits of this entail greater efficiency and productivity in everyday life. Significant improvement in the immune system. And benefits linked to the partial purification (from the first puffs) of the respiratory system and circulatory.

However, let us remember that the adoption of electronic cigarettes must always be discussed with your doctor. Especially to establish an initial therapy that allows you to gradually abandon traditional cigarettes without the risk of a relapse.

Reducing the nicotine level

Reducing the nicotine level suddenly and in massive quantities is not a good solution. It could lead to poor results even in the short term. It is enough to know that the e-cigarette is a tool through. This is possible to eliminate or reduce the habit of smoking. But as with all things, there is also a minimal possibility of failure.

Tests carried out on many vapers by a good number of scientists around the world have demonstrated. The usefulness of electronic cigarettes in the fight against smoking. But all this is always combined with an iron will on the part of the users.

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