Comparing Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising with AR Advertising

Comparing Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising with AR Advertising
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31 August 2023

Are you seeking innovative and effective ways to reach your target audience through advertising? With the growing prevalence of mobile and in-hand technology, businesses are exploring new forms of advertising, including AR in-hand advertising. In this article, we will compare Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising with AR Advertising to determine which approach is more effective for reaching your target audience.

Advertising is essential for the success of any business strategy. After the COVID-19 pandemic, AR advertising is now considered a better option than Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising.

Mobile digital billboard truck advertising involves placing a billboard on a truck and driving it around to different locations to advertise a product or service. This form of advertising is highly visible and can reach a large audience in a short amount of time. The billboards are typically bright, colorful, and eye-catching, making them hard to miss. The ability to display dynamic content such as videos and animations makes them highly effective in attracting the attention of viewers. This feature can enhance the overall impact of advertising campaigns.

Disadvantages of Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising

One of the disadvantages of mobile digital billboard truck advertising is that it can be difficult to measure its effectiveness. Unlike online advertising, which provides detailed analytics on impressions, clicks, and conversions, it can be challenging to determine how many people have seen a mobile billboard truck advertisement. Additionally, the effectiveness of digital billboard truck advertising can be impacted by weather conditions and traffic.

AR Advertising

AR advertising is a newer form of advertising that utilizes augmented reality technology to engage viewers. It involves placing a virtual advertisement in the physical world through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. When the viewer points their device at the designated area, the virtual advertisement appears on the screen, blending seamlessly with the real world. This form of advertising is highly interactive and can create a unique and immersive experience for viewers.

Advantages of AR Advertising

One of the main advantages of AR advertising is its interactivity. It allows viewers to engage with the advertisement in a way that is not possible with other forms of advertising. Additionally, AR advertising can provide detailed analytics on impressions, clicks. and conversions. This makes it easier for businesses to measure its effectiveness. Another advantage of AR in-hand advertising is that it is not affected by weather or traffic. This is because it can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device, providing convenience and flexibility to potential customers.

Comparing Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Ads with In-Hand Advertising:


In-hand advertising is a form of advertising where businesses promote their products or services using tangible items that consumers can physically hold. Examples of in-hand advertising include promotional products, such as branded pens, keychains, and t-shirts.

So, how do mobile digital billboard truck ads compare with in-hand advertising? Let’s take a look:


  1. Cost: In-hand advertising is often more cost-effective than mobile billboard truck ads. Promotional products can be purchased in bulk at a lower cost, whereas mobile digital billboard truck ads require more resources, including the cost of the truck, screens, and staff to operate the truck.
  2. Reach: Mobile digital billboard truck ads have a broader reach than in-hand advertising. They can reach a large number of people in a specific area, whereas in-hand advertising is limited to the number of promotional products distributed.
  3. Engagement: In-hand advertising can create a more personal connection with the consumer. Consumers are more likely to engage with a physical item they can hold than a digital ad on a truck.
  4. Recall: In-hand advertising has a higher recall rate than digital billboard truck ads. Consumers are more likely to remember a brand that gave them a tangible item, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.
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