Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Crafting a successful B2B content marketing strategy is all about connecting with your ideal customers. It also refers to addressing their challenges in a way that leaves them wanting more. The key is to create content that sparks a sense of reciprocity, inspiring your audience to choose you over the competition. However, achieving this requires more than just throwing together some target keywords or sending out frequent tweets. To truly succeed in B2B content marketing, you should have a deep understanding of your target audience and their needs. For the best results, you can think of hiring one of the best Social Media Marketing companies in Delhi NCR, like MMBO. That's why we've put together a 5-step process for building an effective B2B content marketing strategy. 

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

  • Publish Industry Studies

Industry studies are incredibly valuable B2B content that can generate a lot of traffic, shares, and backlinks. They are the best type of content you can create. For example, a blog on page loading speed industry study published on a site a few years ago has brought around 60k total visitors. It got shared on social media 4k times. According to a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, the main benefit of industry studies is their ability to generate tons of backlinks which is crucial for SEO. 

By publishing high-quality industry studies, you become the source that other blogs in your niche reference. You need to publish your content as a freely available article or blog post to encourage more people to link and share your study on social media to bring in more leads over the long term. By this, you can become an authoritative source in your niche while improving your SEO efforts.

  1. Send Out Weekly Newsletters

Sending out weekly newsletters is a popular tactic for B2B businesses looking to nurture leads. According to a survey, 31% of B2B businesses use email newsletters for this purpose. A B2B business can experience the power of value-packed newsletters for lead generation and nurturing. A weekly newsletter gives site visitors a tangible reason to become a lead, whereas generic pitches like "sign up for updates" are less effective. The real benefit of a newsletter lies in branding. It reminds subscribers that your business exists and can ultimately lead to more sales. 

  • Test Out LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is also an important platform for B2B marketers. 81% use it as their primary social network due to its high organic reach compared to other platforms like Facebook. Text-based content works particularly well on LinkedIn. Even simple posts with interesting data can generate significant engagement. They can bring targeted visitors to your website. Videos posted by a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR also perform well on LinkedIn and can garner impressive engagement numbers. While publishing articles may not result in as much reach as regular posts, consistency is key in any social media platform.

  1. Invest In B2B Video Content

Investing in B2B video content can be a game-changer for your business. According to HubSpot, a whopping 86% of businesses are already using video as part of their content marketing mix. And while the video is often associated with B2C brands, it's becoming increasingly popular among B2B buyers too. One survey discovered that tech-focused B2B buyers consider video as the "most helpful" kind of content. So, to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience in new ways, hire one of the best Social Media Marketing companies in Delhi NCR to add videos to your strategy could be just what you need. 

Even simple videos shot from your home office can resonate with your audience. It is even found that rough-looking videos performed better than more polished ones. This is because they were authentic and relatable to the audience. You don't have to start from scratch when creating your own B2B videos. Repurposing existing content into high-quality videos is an effective way forward. So if you want to take your B2B marketing efforts up a notch, consider investing in video content today!

  1. Focus On Commercial Intent Keywords

When it comes to content creation, keyword research is not just limited to SEO. The right keywords can help you identify unique topics that may not be for SEO purposes. However, finding keywords your target audience searches for a while at work can be a challenge. To start with, you need to obtain a competitor's website that ranks for multiple keywords. Then, reverse engineer their SEMrush rankings and filter the keywords by cost per click (CPC). 

Focus on terms with high CPC as they indicate high commercial intent. People who search for these terms are more likely to make purchases, which is why many people bid on them. However, keep in mind that some of these highly commercialized keywords may have low search volumes. Nevertheless, this is still worth pursuing if someone specifically looks up what you offer. Therefore, using this technique by one of the best Social Media Marketing companies in Delhi NCR can assist in identifying relevant topics and potential leads without relying solely on SEO strategies or costly ad campaigns.


The foundation of any successful B2B content marketing campaign is a solid strategy. A concrete tactic delivers both quality and quantity of content while utilizing the right channels for distribution. As you embark on your content marketing journey, keep in mind certain strategies that can help elevate your writing. Consider each one carefully and weigh its potential return on investment against your resources. Ultimately, choose the top ones that align with your goals and capabilities. At MMBO, a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, we select the most fitting technologies for your brand. We gather valuable insights and analyze key demographics and user data to create compelling content that embodies your brand's persona. 

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