Corsage: The Ultimate Wedding Idea

Corsage: The Ultimate Wedding Idea
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30 November 2022

Weddings are all about celebrating love and making memories that will last a lifetime. And what could be more special than a corsage to commemorate the occasion? No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, wrist corsage sydney is a perfect way to add an extra touch of elegance and romance. 

What is a Corsage?

A corsage is a beautiful, ornate flower arrangement that is worn on the wrist, usually by the bride. It is often considered the most beautiful aspect of a wedding and can be made from a variety of flowers and leaves. Corsages can also be personalized with initials or special messages.

How to Make a Corsage

Making a corsage is the perfect way to show your love for your bride during your wedding. There are so many different ways to make a corsage, and you can choose whatever flowers or materials you like. Here are five tips on how to make a perfect corsage:

  1. Choose the right flowers. Corsages can be made with any type of flower, but some popular choices include roses, lilies, carnations, or daisies.
  2. Pick a stem length. Corsages are usually made with long stems so that they can be easily pinned on the bride's dress. You can choose shorter stems if you want to create a bracelet corsage or Make a shorter stem if you want to create an earring corsage

What Goes into a Corsage?

A corsage is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for your bride-to-be. It’s also a unique and special way to memorialize the special day. Here are some things that go into making a corsage:

  1. The flowers. Corsages typically use fresh, high-quality flowers. You can choose any type of flower you like, but make sure it matches the color scheme of the wedding dress!
  2. The container. Corsages can be made from many different types of containers, such as vases or small bowls.
  3. The ribbon. Corsages often come with a ribbon bow or other embellishment to complete the look.
  4. The placement. Corsages are usually placed on the left shoulder or neck, depending on the preference of the bride-to-be and her bridal party members.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect corsage for your wedding:

  • Think about the theme of your wedding. If it’s a rustic wedding, go for something natural like roses or lilies. If it’s a more formal affair, go for something more intricate like orchids or carnations.
  • Think about the color palette of your wedding. If you have a darker wedding theme, choose colors like black, navy, or brown. If you have a brighter wedding theme, choose colors like pink, yellow, or orange. 
  • Think about what kind of look you want your corsage to have. Do you want it to be subtle and elegant or flashy and in your face?

How to Store and Preserve a Corsage

Preserving a corsage is important to keep it looking its best on your wedding day. You can store a corsage in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. Here are some tips on how to store and preserve a corsage:

  1. Store the corsage in an airtight container. Make sure the container has a seal so that moisture doesn't get in and damage the corsage.
  2. Store the corsage in the refrigerator if you live in a warm climate or at room temperature if you live in a cold climate. Keep in mind that refrigerated temperatures will help preserve the color of the flowers more effectively than room temperature.
  3. If you're not going to wear your corsage for a while, remove the stems and wrap them loosely with plastic wrap before placing them back into the container. This will help minimize wilting and ensure that your flowers stay fresh-looking until you're ready to use them again.


A corsage is one of the most iconic wedding ideas, and for good reason. A corsage is a beautiful way to show your partner that you love them and want to celebrate their special day with them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the right type of corsage, from classic roses to fun boutonnieres. If you're looking for something unique but still elegant, then talk to the Sydney corsage florist right now! And take a look at our selection of corsages and find the perfect style for your fiance or wife-to-be!


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