Cost of Study in Germany for Indian Students

Cost of Study in Germany for Indian Students
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14 February 2023

The dream of studying abroad is present in all students, regardless of their financial situation. Unfortunately, studying in the USA or the UK is completely out of the realm of possibility because of how expensive it can be. Millions of students try for scholarships and education loans. Still, even if you exclude the tuition fees, the cost of living and other miscellaneous expenses is too much for any Indian student from a poor financial background.

So, what about Germany? The possibilities to study in Germany for Indian students are endless. Now, let’s explore why this country is a top destination for students who aren’t financially well-off.

Costs for Pursuing Higher Education in Germany

According to overseas education consultants, Germany is one of the top study destinations for Indian students on a tight budget because of the following:

  1. Fees in public universities

Germany is well known for its outstanding universities, a wide range of academic programs, cultural diversity, and globally recognised degrees. But perhaps the most notable factor is that public universities in Germany offer free tuition to Indian students, regardless of their backgrounds.

Yes, you read that right! Barring the negligible administrative fees you’ll have to bear every semester (approx. €100 - €300 or approx. INR 8800 – INR 26,480), you don’t have to pay anything for studying in a public university in Germany. Since higher education is mostly state-sponsored, domestic and international students have their tuition fees waived by the institutes.

For Master’s degrees, most public universities waive the tuition fees. However, some might charge a tuition fee of around €1500 (approx. INR 1.4 lakhs) from non-EU students.

  1. Tuition fees in private institutes

If you cannot secure a seat in a public university in Germany, there’s no need to fret because, unlike other European countries or the USA, the tuition fees won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For a Bachelor’s degree, private universities might charge around €26,000 (approx. INR 23 lakhs) every year, while for Master’s degrees, it can increase to €40,000 (approx. INR 36 lakhs). The fees depend entirely on the university and the course you’re applying to. For example, engineering, medical and management courses are the most expensive.

  1. Additional costs to bear for applying

There’s more to worry about when applying to German universities other than just the tuition fees. Here’s a brief glimpse into them all.

  • German/English language proficiency tests

If you're planning to apply to public universities in Germany for free tuition, you'd need to prove that you can understand basic German. Therefore, you need to consider the fees for the TestDAF, which is around INR 8500 in India.

However, several German universities also conduct sessions in English. With a high English language proficiency test score, you can easily gain admission to some of the most reputable institutes in Germany. If your English isn’t up to international standards, you might find yourself searching for “Duolingo English test coaching near me.” Why Duolingo? Out of all the English language proficiency tests, the Duolingo English Test is the most affordable one (approx. INR 4100).

  • Application fees

When applying to German universities, international students are required to pay a minimal application fee of approx. €50 - €120 (approx. INR 4056-9800). However, the application fees are cheaper if you use the service.

  • Application document prep

Due to the intense competition to secure a seat in a German public university, many students prefer hiring SOP and LOR writing services. Nowadays, you can find many affordable overseas education consultants who can assist you with an outstanding SOP and LOR that will make your application stand out.

  1. Accommodation & living costs in Germany

Since there are plenty of options to study in Germany for Indian students, you'll also find several accommodation options that suit your needs. Student halls of residence are your best bet when you're on a tight budget. The average rent per month is around €210 (approx. INR 19,000). However, due to high demand, these halls get occupied pretty quickly. The closest affordable option would be sharing flats with other students. While the shared rent depends on the city, the number of occupants in the flat and the distance from the university, you can expect to pay around €260 (approx. INR 23,000).

The cost of living, which includes rent, travel and other expenses necessary for survival, depends significantly on the city. For example, the rent in Munich, one of the costliest cities in Germany, is around €1000 - €1200 (approx. INR 88,000 – INR 10,500). However, the rent in Bochum is only €400 (approx. INR 35,000).

Here's an average estimation of the monthly living costs based on student data:

  • Food and beverage – €100 - €300 (approx. INR 8,800 – INR 26,500)
  • Transportation – €100 (approx. INR 8,800)
  • Utilities – €150 - €300 (approx. INR 13,000 – INR 26,500)
  • Health insurance – €33 - €130 (approx. INR 3,000 – INR 11,500)
  • Entertainment – €150 - €250 (approx. INR 13,200 – INR 22,000)

According to professionals who provide consultancy services to study in Germany for Indian students, the average monthly living costs, including rent, food, entertainment, etc., is approximately €800 - €1000 (approx. INR 71,000 – INR 88,000).

  1. Student visa application fees

Once you have secured admission to a German university, you must apply for a study visa permit, which costs around €75 (approx. INR 6,600).

In conclusion,

Comparing the tuition fees, living costs and other expenses in Germany with other countries, it’s quite apparent that Germany is the best option for Indian students with financial overseas education consultants. While the hundreds of outstanding opportunities to study in Germany for Indian students is certainly a major factor that draws in students from all over India, the no-tuition-fees promise is more appealing. Studying abroad becomes a more realistic dream when you don't have to spend lakhs on tuition every year. With scholarships and education loans, poor students in India can fulfil their desire to study in Germany without a second thought.

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