Crack the Code to Data-Driven Decision Making

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Global corporations constantly collect many types of data. Businesses are in a never-ending rush to improve the user experience using personalization tools, from facial recognition cameras employed by large-scale retail shops to social media activity tracking and cookie usage.

A "Data Analyst" is commonly referred to as a Business Intelligence Professional. He analyzes raw data and converts it into usable knowledge to improve business performance.

If you want to be a part of this lucrative profession you must learn Data Analytics for free offered by UniAthena. Once you've gained the essential skills, pursuing a career in data analytics could lead to secure employment in a profitable profession.

Crack the Code to Data-Driven Decision Making

The Responsibilities of a Data Analyst :

If you're interested in a career in Data Analytics, you need first to understand the various jobs and responsibilities that lie under its umbrella. With your statistical abilities and lateral thinking data deductions, you could contemplate a full-time career in this industry.

However, below are the responsibilities of Data Analytics:

  • Transforming difficult facts into stunning visuals.
  • Analyzing consumer satisfaction surveys to discover areas for improvement.
  • Using data processing to ensure quality monitoring.
  • Working with business line owners, stakeholders, and support teams to identify gaps and disseminate crucial inferences utilizing data.
  • Working with interactive dashboards and data validation tools.

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Data Analytics Certificate

A few statistics to help you understand how more and more firms are eliminating guesswork from decision-making with penetrating datasets.

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Data Scientists and Related Professionals is expected to increase by 36% between 2021 and 2031, outpacing other areas.
  • The bureau also forecasts that Data Analytics will rise by 22% by 2030, leaving 3,000 unfilled positions in this industry each year.

To summarize, based on market forecasts, the employability rate of Data Analytics specialists is only expected to increase from here! Think about job security.

Upskill Online With UniAthena’s Diploma in Digital Analytics

Looking for the top Data Analytics courses for beginners free while avoiding an excessive financial investment or full-time commitment? UniAthena's self-paced Diploma in Data Analytics makes it simple to learn new skills online.

The best part?

  • UniAthena promotes affordable higher education for everyone. UniAthena's Short Courses (including this Diploma) are available for free to all students.
  • This online diploma provides clear course materials, including video lectures and written resources, for corporate executives seeking to enhance their skills.
  • This course discusses the approaches, difficulties, and challenges associated with interpreting business data. It will demonstrate analytical processes by allowing students to apply business analytics algorithms and approaches to real-world business challenges.
  • After completing UniAthena's Data Analytics Diploma, you will get a paid certificate. So take advantage of our short course program and watch your career soar.

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