CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment

CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment
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The book also includes case studies that illustrate ethical issues students might encounter in their daily and professional lives. Students will be asked to reflect on their moral discourses, their understanding of morality, and the use of ethics for fairness and social justice.

Task: CULT2005 Ethics In The Social Sciences Assignment Professional Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct - 3 marks (aim to 150 words - concise!!

These documents are often lengthy, so you'll need to communicate the spirit of the Ethical Code while keeping within the limits of space and word count. It is important to highlight the core/key values of the profession and summarize the ethical responsibilities that they entail. This information could be presented in bulleted or numbered lists.

You must identify any ethical dilemmas (or moral dilemmas) you might face in your professional career. You should make a decision about how you will act if you are faced with a conflict between your personal moral code and professional ethics. The conflict is likely to arise from personal/professional beliefs about how you should act/behave (towards other people or the environment), your sense of self (what makes you a good/bad person), or the outcomes/consequences of your actions. Your beliefs and judgments about others and their actions could also be a factor.

It is essential to:
1. Identify an ethical/moral dilemma
You might start by searching the library or google for ethical dilemmas and your profession.

  1. Please describe the possible situation.
  2. Describe the conflict between your personal moral values, and your professional code.
  3. Discuss ways you could resolve the conflict. What decision would you make? Why? Why? Did you follow a set of morals and values? Did you reach a compromise? What are the possible consequences of your decision? Your profession? For your profession?
  4. Take a moment to reflect on how you felt about this decision. What does this say about your commitment to your profession and its ethics? What advice can you give to those who may be in a similar situation?
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