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custom stickers
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18 October 2022

Custom Stickers for Brands

Business owners are sure to think about how to make their product or brand stand out always. For that, choosing custom stickers is the best option!

Stickers are inexpensive and simple to distribute to customers. They have the ability to make your product stand out, and also aid in the promotion of your brand. But the question is: how do you pick the correct sticker for your business?

Before placing your order for custom stickers, it’s crucial to decide what you want to do with the custom stickers. Having the right custom stickers for business promotion will surely save you time and money in the long run. Here are some tips to choose the custom stickers for your brand.

1. Right Material

When it comes to creating the perfect personalized sticker, the most important factor to consider is the material. In general, there are two types of material, and it is up to you to decide which is the finest. One is made of plastic, while the other is made of paper.

2. Right Cut

You'll save time and money if you choose the right cut. You can choose from individually cut stickers, sticker rolls, or sticker sheets.

  • Individually cut is preferred over others since it saves time while applying, and is easy to store and purchase in little quantities. There are two more options: die-cut and kiss-cut. You are free to cut the individual sticker into any shape you choose.
  • Sticker Rolls are ideas if you can apply them semi-automatically or automatically through a machine or dispenser. These are in a kiss-cut style that you can quickly apply and remove from any location and are best to use while using a machine or dispenser.
  • Sticker sheets are available in kiss-cut and can be easily removed from any package or product. These sticker sheets are available in a variety of sizes, but the largest is recommended for the greatest results. This type of sticker is used as a logo for a product or as a cover for a magazine.


3. Right Size

The size of your stickers is important since it can make or break your sticker marketing campaign. When deciding on the ideal size for personalized stickers, consider how your target audience is most likely to use them. If you choose the incorrect sticker size, the print and logo will be unclear.

So, whatever your business requirement, make sure to consider the above factors while choosing custom stickers for your brand

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