Cyanoacrylate Adhesives and Their Role in Electronic Device Assembly

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27 December 2023

The CA glue, also known as Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, is a generic and comprehensive term for instant and quick bonding glues. This is particularly helpful for the versatile glues that help in bonding metals, plastics, woods and the like. There are different ways to use this Glue. 

Single Glue, different Advantages

These glues are a common choice to bind various materials. It is helpful because it is:

  • Effortless to use.
  • The picture time is relatively quicker than the others.
  • It is ideal for a range of industries, including rubber, metals and almost all types of plastics.
  • Faster cure speed.
  • The Glue comes in a clean, transparent form.

The Gum Properties

Usually, these adhesives are made with 1 or 2 acrylic resins. They come as clear liquid. Of the two ingredients, one is used as a hardener, and the other is useful in pouring. When talking about the CA gums, water (as moisture) doubles up as the hardener. When the adhesive comes in touch with the moisture already present in the atmosphere, it automatically cures. Again, the human skin remains naturally moist. This is why there are times when users get these gums automatically stuck in their skin and fingers.

Finding a Partner

There might be a number of Cyanoacrylate adhesive providers springing up nowadays. But few have the experience and efficiency that Parson has. It is one of the leading makers of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives in the world. Some of the biggest names from different manufacturing depend exclusively on Parson for their CA glue supplies.

When do CA Glues come into use?

It is helpful in an array of assembly applications in various industries. Company owners depend more on Parfex than other companies for simple reasons:

  • The adhesives come in triple distilled form, which is the highest set standard for strength in the gum industry.
  • The team offers different forms of CA gums that have consistently performed so far and shall always be. This is why preserving the gum in the right condition is important.
  • The products are available in various packages, ranging from tiny 3-gram tubes to 200-gram packages.
  • The team also offers services for parties with no requirement of minimum quantity order.
  • Apart from CA gums, the company also manufactures different varieties of structural and industrial adhesives. So, choosing this company means you choose a comprehensive adhesive solution provider.

Which Company to Choose?

Even if you decide to go for a local service provider, it is important that you check for the "pointers" that say whether the company is worth your money and time. For example:

  • Check whether the products conform to the internationally accepted ISO 9001:2000 Certification for quality.
  • You can also look for additional certifications, such as DVGW Certification and SGS Certification.
  • Consider the portfolio. The wider industry that your chosen company has served, the better. It can range anything from sporting goods, railways, marines, automotive, printing, aerospace, furniture, and oil and gas, to name a few.
  • Checking the price and service and comparing it with some other service providers is equally important.

Do these Glues offer permanent bonding?

By and large, quality Cyanoacrylate Adhesive are permanent fixes. However, its efficacy can be compromised due to factors like the presence of excessive moisture or exposure to solvents, such as acetone.  


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