D K Goel vs T S Agrawal: Which Reference Guide is Better

D K Goel vs T S Agrawal: Which Reference Guide is Better
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Are you a commerce student and are currently preparing for your upcoming Commerce Class 12 board exams? Well, we can tell that it must be stressful and the wrong material could sabotage your performance in the board exams. 

That is why today we will compare two of the best and most recommended books for board exams. You must have heard of D K Goel and T S Agrawal and must have a hard time choosing any one of them. 

But do not worry, we are here to help you out with that. Here, we will discuss various factors of both books and help you decide which reference guide is better. This comparison will enable you to score better on your class 12 board exams in the commerce stream

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D K Goel vs T S Grewal: Which Reference Guide is Better

Why Do People Prefer D K Goel?

Why Do People Prefer T S Grewal? 

Advantages of D K Goel and T S Grewal



D K Goel vs T S Grewal: Which Reference Guide is Better

As we mentioned earlier, in this article we will be discussing which reference guide is better, D K Goel or T S Grewal. Here, we will look at both books from the board's point of view as that is your ultimate goal. 

Why Do People Prefer D K Goel’s Books?

We will first look into the reasons why students prefer studying with D K Goel’s books over T S Grewal’s. Here are a few reasons stated by most board exams attending students:

  • Many students prefer D K Goel as the reference guide for boards as it is in simple language and is easily understandable. 
  • Another reason students stated for referring to D K Goel is the variety it provides with concepts. This guide provides way more examples for each concept than many other books. 
  • D K Goel is great if you want to understand the basic concepts and gain strength at the basic level. 

Why Do People Prefer T S Grewal? 

Now, we will consider the factors why students like to refer to T S Grewal as their guide. The reasons could also be the same as D K Goel but what makes the difference?

  • Students state that referring to T S Grewal has developed their skills in solving complex questions. 
  • Many students prefer the language used in T S Grewal over D K Goel. 
  • T S Grewal can help you with practicing as it contains lots of extra questions that might not be in the NCERT books
  • This book can help you greatly with technical questions. 

Advantages of D K Goel and T S Grewal

To give you a better understanding, let us list out the advantages of each of the reference guides. 

D K Goel

T S Grewal

Easy Language Language Suitable for Students
Variety of Concepts Helps with Solving Complex Questions
Plenty of Examples Questions Apart from the types in NCERT textbooks
Helps with Strengthening the Basics Helps with Solving Technical questions


We will now conclude this article and look back at everything we have discussed till now. We were here to decide which book is a better reference guide, D K Goel or T S Grewal. However, we must understand that both of them provide separate benefits. 

Such as, if you want to strengthen your basics, you should go with D K Goel, and if you have a firm hand over basics and want to go for complex questions, go for T S Grewal. 

Both of these books will help you with your career but make sure you practice a lot and stay focused. So D K Goel or T S Grewal, which will you choose?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Which book is better for technical and complex questions for commerce?

Ans. You can refer to T S Grewal for questions that require greater understanding and are complex. 

Q2. If I am a beginner, which book should I start studying as a commerce student?

Ans. To strengthen your basics of the subject, D K Goel would be a great choice due to its simple language and plenty of examples. 

Q3. What should I start with to study for the commerce board exams?

Ans. The first thing you need to refer to start studying for a commerce board exam is your NCERT textbook as you can find almost everything in it that could be asked in the exam. 

Q4. Which other book can I refer to for class 12 commerce board exams?

Ans. You can refer to a few books such as:

  • Accountancy Textbook Not-for-Profit Organisation and Partnership Accounts for Class 12th
  • Lekhashastra I
  • Lekhashastra II
  • Vyavasaik Adhyayan I for Class 12
  • Vyavasaik Adhyayan II for Class 12
  • Introductory Macroeconomics

Q5. Can I study from any online sources for accountancy for class 12?

Ans. Yes, you can find many online sources that could be helpful for your class 12 exams such as Youtube videos. For example, PW or Commerce Wallah by Physics Wallah channel offers free online classes for commerce students. 


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