Dark Age Defense – What is it?

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Dark Age Defense is a manual that will instruct you on how to generate and sustain electricity in case of disaster. This guide describes the "Infinity Coil," a device that was partially inspired by Nikola Tesla's research. Furthermore, it's possible that another ten years will pass before the general public can use this technology. In contrast, you may utilize this technology to help yourself and your loved ones when you need it.

The author claims that this method outperforms all available alternatives, including backup generators and solar panels. This is because solar panels malfunction much too frequently and are easily damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster, generators are loud, need a large quantity of fuel, and are only designed to power the minimal necessities in your house. With generators and solar panels, individuals may think they have everything under control, but they are incorrect.

According to the official website, backup power generators have a short lifespan since they use a lot of fuel and can only run for a short time. On the other side, solar panels are susceptible to failure during major catastrophes. The infinite coil, which is intended to remain forever and can be used to power everything in your home, may be created using this method too. In the case of a power outage, it is said to be considerably more effective to light up a home, keep household appliances in working order, and protect families with the Infinity Coil, a component of the Dark Age Defense system.

Dark Age Defense Scam

Is Dark Age Defense a scam? No, Dark Age Defense is a legitimate product that can save your hide in a number of emergency situations if you apply it in your daily life. Preparedness is a crucial aspect of getting you and your family through a rough time, due to events beyond your control.









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