Datanote Erp: a Versatile Erp Software Which Suits Best to Diverse Industries

Datanote Erp: a Versatile Erp Software Which Suits Best to Diverse Industries
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Datanote Erp: a Versatile Erp Software Which Suits Best to Diverse Industries

Datanote Erp: a Versatile Erp Software Which Suits Best to Diverse Industries

The impact of the ongoing pandemic can be seen in all industries. Companies want to recover it as soon as possible. They can not get the time back but can speed up the process to minimize the gap. And the best thing industries are doing is adopting ERP software that suits their business best and gives a better result.

In this series, DataNote has come with versatile ERP software that serves several industries and enables them to a faster and better organised.


Engineering Industry

Made from our extensive experience, DataNote ERP meets the specific requirements of the parts & machine manufacturing industry and takes care of all the production needs from inventory management to distribution.


Food & Beverages Industry

Modules of DataNote ERP make sure that food & beverage industries are complying with all the rules and regulations while maintaining the service standard. It saves the cost of restaurants and increases revenue.


Metal Processing

Metal processing industries have various plants and processes. DataNote ERP accurately manages department-wise inventory, operations, sales, profit, quality checks and everything. DataNote ERP is an all-in-one comprehensive solution that can cater for the needs of the metals processing industry.


Plastic & Rubber Industry

DataNote ERP effectively manages one of the fastest-growing industries which is full of tedious tasks by streamlining all the data and converting them into a simple one. It saves time while managing the quality of the final product on the other hand.


Garment & Textile industry

In the Garment & Textile industry, the competition is increasing and margins and timelines are being reduced. So DataNote ERP is designed in such a way that it controls the cost and optimizes the resources.


Chemical & Pharma Industry

DataNote ERP software for Chemical & Pharma manufacturing effectively helps meet the regulatory requirements without compromising the stated quality standards. DataNote ERP syncs inventory, orders, and customers for impactful process cycles.


Solar & Electronics Industry

The Solar & Electronic Industry is changing rapidly as conventional energy is becoming the first choice. DataNote ERP ensures visibility over work orders, supply chain, installation, and service which boost productivity and minimizes costs.


Casting & Forging Industry

With in-depth research and practical knowledge of our industry expert, DataNote ERP software came into existence. It helps the companies to retrieve, manage and analyze data in real-time for better monitoring and control.


Building Material

Designed with extensive experience, DataNote ERP streamlines vendor management, customer service, product delivery, and inventory management to gain a significant advantage in the market. DataNote ERP ensures maximum productivity in a short time.


Trading Industry

Whether it's packing and shipping goods on a small scale to processing and distributing global orders, DataNote ERP offers an end-to-end solution that controls and organizes every aspect of the trading business.


Cosmetic & FMCG Industry

Cosmetic & FMCG Industry is the most competitive industry full of challenges, particularly in the areas of Inventory and Cost Management. Well-organized ERP of DataNote helps companies get rid of paper-based manual processes that hinder productivity.

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