Deciding on the Best Lighting for Your Bedroom

Deciding on the Best Lighting for Your Bedroom
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05 January 2023

Our bedrooms are an intimate and sacred space that we tend to hold dear. It's where we're able to truly and fully settle down, relax, and be comfortable. But sometimes, bedrooms might not always look or feel comfortable. This can be due to the decorations, furniture, or design. Or it can also be simply because of how the room is lit.

Believe it or not, proper lighting in your bedroom can make a difference, especially when you're trying to create the right kind of air or atmosphere that helps you wind down and relax.

The question is, how do you decide on the kind of lighting and light fixtures that will best illuminate your bedroom? Should you go with warmer or colder lighting? What types of lights fit perfectly with your needs and your aesthetic?

Floor Lamps for Bedrooms
Floor lamps are one of the most common lighting fixtures that aren't fixed to a wall or ceiling. This portability makes adjusting the lighting in certain areas of the room possible. However, traditional floor lamps are becoming less and less common these days, as more homes opt for sconces, pendant lights, and ceiling fixtures.

That said, some of the more modern floor lamps for bedrooms that are out there have evolved into more practical and versatile versions. These floor lamps with shelves from Atamin, for example, serve a dual purpose as a display shelf as well as a regular floor lamp.

Perfect for setting up in the corner, or next to your drawers and dressers some of these floor lamps also serve as charging stations, making them the perfect spot to charge your devices while you rest or sleep.

Bedside Table Lamps
Good and proper lighting requires a certain level of layering. After all, a room should have at least three sources of light: ambient, decorative, and task-oriented. In other words, it's good to add light fixtures other than overhead lighting.

Floor lamps for bedrooms are one way to accomplish this layering. The same goes for bedside table lamps.

Bedside lamps can serve as all three functions of lighting. If you're the type that likes to read a bit before going to bed, bedside lamps are perfect for this. At the same time, they're also a good way to set the mood or ambience of the room. Some more modern designs, like this Ava Bedside Table with Lamp, function as both a floor lamp and a bedside lamp.

Wall Sconces
If your partner or spouse has a hard time sleeping while you're reading on your side of the bed, sconces are a much better alternative to bedside lamps. The main difference between sconces and lamps, after all, is that sconces are less intrusive. They have a more focused or directed illumination and tend to shine either straight downward or upward.

They're also less intrusive in the sense that they take up less space. If you want more space on your bedside table, for example, you can opt to install wall sconces on each side of the bed instead.

Picking the Right Lighting Temperature
One of the most important things when it comes to bedroom lighting is picking the right temperature. This all depends on what activities you feel you'll be performing in your bedroom.

Warmer temperatures are good for inducing better sleep patterns and habits. Colder temperatures, on the other hand, are better for more task-oriented activities.

Generally, if you feel as though you'll be doing work in your bedroom, we recommend settling for somewhere between 2700 to 3000 Kelvin. In cases like these, you can also opt to purchase bulbs where you can change the light temperature on-the-spot.

Choosing Dimmable Lights and Lamps
Another way of regulating the brightness and temperature in your bedroom is to choose dimmable lamps. There are a lot of available bedside lamps and floor lamps for bedrooms that come with dimmable bulbs or features.

That said, a good retailer that offers some beautifully-designed floor lamps, bedside lamps, lamps with shelves and drawers is ATAMIN. If you're looking to add more layers to the lighting in your bedroom, we recommend visiting their website to check out their selection of light fixtures.

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