Dental SEO Expert Guide To Rank High On Google

Dental SEO Expert Guide To Rank High On Google
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03 January 2023


Ø Intro

Ø Benefits of Google Dominance

Ø Why Should You Hire a Dental SEO Expert?

Ø Dental SEO Experts’ Strategies

Ø Determining Factors for Your Business’ Success

Ø Conclusion


Dental SEO is the continuous practice of optimizing your dental website to get a higher organic traffic on Google.

Whether you offer dental implants, bone grafting, sedation dentistry, gum disease treatment or cosmetic dentistry, a Dental SEO Expert can get your website a good pat-on-the-back by Google for getting higher ranking. Dental SEO or SEO for dentists is the optimized approach to influence Google ranking.

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Benefits of Google Dominance

Techno Tile: According to Statista report 2022, Google dons the market with 83% share followed by Bing with nearly 9% and Yahoo! with 2.55%

Benefits of Google Dominance

Why Should You Hire a Dental SEO Expert?

When someone searches for ‘dental services near me’, they see a page full of dental website links. Chances are, the person will click on one of the first five. This random choice can be your website if you choose to hire a dental SEO expert.

Dental SEO Experts’ Strategies

Dental SEO Experts’ Strategies

  • Optimizing keyword research

Google Keyword Planner assists you in getting the best and high ranking keywords. It is a great head start in getting noticed by Google.

Dental SEO expert puts the query in the planner’s search tool and gets back with a list of potential keywords to work with. He must ensure that he is optimizing your website to get bookings, and not just traffic. To do this, he can choose two types of keywords:

  1. Commercial – These are search queries put in the Google. ‘Dentist near me’ is a good example.
  2. Informational – These are search terms put in Google when people are looking for information about your dental SEO services. ‘How much cost for gum treatment’ is a good example.
  • Getting the website structure right

If you are offering additional services such as dental implant, crown replacement etc., this should be mentioned on the website too. Here is how a dental SEO expert conceptualizes your website:

  1. Integrating web designing with technical SEO practices.
  2. Setting up a separate URL for each service.
  3. By implementing sub-service pages for greater traffic.
  • Optimizing local SEO

Capturing local market is probably the best way to tell Google you mean business. Local SEO can help you do just that.

Here is how a dental SEO expert will optimize your dental website locally:

Listing your business on Google My Business (GMB) – Getting your website enlisted on GMB is a great way to tell the local market about your clinic, services and anything else you are offering. Here is step-by-step guide to get listed on GMB:

  • Set up and verify your business with Google
  • Provide GMB with all the requisite details related to your practice and services
  • Making sure that the checklist for filling out the GMB is covered like filling all the details right according to Google’s TOS.

Google Reviews – Trust and credibility. This is what Google reviews garner for your business. You can request your clients/patients to furnish a review. Google helps you with it by embedding a straight-up link. Your dental SEO expert should also get you an active plan to have new reviews integrated on your local GMB account.

  • Content building, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO – Your dental SEO expert makes sure to look after these practices:

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Use long-tail keywords (for example, write which is the best dental company Instead of best dental company)

Get rid of spammy backlinks

Keywords in Alt Text for Images (Image optimization)

Establish your brand to provide Google the value of your dental business

Put keywords in headings (H1 and H2)

Design strategic and authoritative content

Create a pleasant website and user experience

Use backlinks from trusted links

Introduce various type of media (images, videos, GIFs, audio etc.)

Excel at Google’s E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) by adding resourceful content

Write high-quality in-depth content

Make use of internal linking (link the current pages to the other pages of your website)


  • Measuring Dental SEO Results

A dental SEO expert can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure ROI. It is easy to track the below aspects with these tools:

  • Clarity on search engine visibility
  • How much organic traffic you are getting?
  • Any specific traffic pattern
  • Number of leads and sales from organic search results

Determining Factors for Your Business’ Success

The aim to hire the dental SEO expert is to get more patients. How will you determine that? By keeping track of the new patients via calls, emails and online bookings.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics can help you manage it since it can be difficult tracking these results by yourself.


  • What are other SEO practices to optimize my dental website with?
  • Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Point) such as dental services and clinic features
  • Highlight patients’ reviews
  • Redo the website design for contemporary feel
  • Make Contact Us section easy
  • Use more stories, pictures and videos
  • Why Google?

3 reasons to choose Google:

  1. Market share – Google is everywhere!
  2. Platform and tools –Google is spearheading the competition with Analytics, WebMaster Tools Google Ads etc. Any ad can be set up within minutes.
  3. Support – Google offers splendid customer/client support with Google Premier Partner Program.
  • Which is the best dental SEO company in the USA?

Here are top 5 dental SEO companies in the USA that provide best dental SEO services:

  1. IndeedSEO
  2. Yerra Family Dentistry
  3. Fresh Dental
  4. GT Dental Centre
  5. Grand Street Dental


SEO for dentists is a vital step for dentists to rank high on Google. More visibility, higher authority in the market, greater ROI, more traffic, ahead in the local competition, aesthetically pleasing website etc. are a few things that a dental SEO expert can help you with. Hiring one will keep you running in the long run.

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