Designing The Interior of a Building

Designing The Interior of a Building
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Today, constructed a great number of residences of varying degrees of elegance and affordability. And in every instance, paid attention to the interior design of the structures. Our goal is to develop places that tailor to you as a customer, at the most suitable price. We offer industry best products and services for Civil Works Contractors.

Preventing any loss of space and, in particular, those lengthy hallways that are both inadvisable and unaesthetic. We will accomplish this by avoiding any loss of space.

In the majority of circumstances and according to the categories, we estimate that the minimum useable area per individual, or in other words, constructed, closed, and covered area, excluding the width of the walls and staircases, may be within the following figures for a household consisting of three or more people:

  • Luxury category, between 22 and 24 square meters.
  • Medium category, from 18 to 20 square meters
  • Category ranging from 14 to 16 square meters in size

Considerations That Are Unique to Each Category

In this particular scenario, we need to take the following into account:

–  High category. It is situated in areas where people from the middle class live, and there are no more than two homes on each story, access gain through a staircase.

– Medium category. Its locations will similarly be in areas that predominantly inhabit by people of the middle class. However, each level may have no more than four apartments together with the stairwells that serve them.

Always keep in mind that the quality of life negatively impacted by the construction of rooms that are unnecessarily big in relation to the amount of space required for furniture and people. Because of this, one of the things that appeals to us about them is the fact that their dimensions are determined by the module of the tenant who resides there.

A study of the internal decorating may always include in an interior design project. Provided that the architect, the structure, and any other component of the property taken into consideration.


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These are the ones that get special attention from us. Take notice!

The vestibule or hall

It is a compact reception area or entry space; in some homes, this space eliminates entirely, and guests enter straight into the living room; nevertheless, this causes a loss of privacy.

Living-dining room

This component needs to have the maximum feasible dimension in order to serve its role in the house, which is to provide a space for amusement, relaxation, and food preparation. It is intriguing to learn that you have plenty of natural light and excellent views of the surrounding area.


Because they use as rest rooms, we muffle any noise from the outside. Particularly the sound of the toilet flushed. Accomplished this by configuring the built-in wardrobe such that it opens into the bathroom and functions as a chamber.


They ought to be conducive to the relaxation and general health of the body, with a layout that makes it easy to move around and minimizes the buildup of tension inside the body as much as possible.


You are aware that it needs to be a nice location, and that it must have two distinct areas: one for cooking, and the other for cleaning.

In conclusion, we need to pay attention to the quantity of things that represent the level of comfort for us. The qualification of the dwellings as studios, apartments, and flats in the interior design of the structures derive from this point onward.

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