Determine The Proposal Parameters in Advance

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The level of prescriptiveness in RFPs varies. Some are written so that every detail of the research assignment is predetermined and leaves little room for the receiving research firm to highlight its special and differentiating qualities and talents. However, feel free to be prescriptive with your vendors in the RFP if the objectives, methodology, Format of Business Proposal and other study-related parameters are sound and have all been determined upon in advance.

Companies with a professional RFP process make sure to have extensive pricing strategies in place, including systematic price setting processes and distinct versions/service levels for diverse consumers. Pricing is a key component for winning a proposal. When I look at the group of RFP stragglers, I see that they are largely missing such a tactical strategy.

Even if you are unsure of the methodology, survey duration, sampling, or other cost-related study characteristics, either provide the supplier a "straw-man" set of requirements to evaluate and suggest specific adjustments, or make it clear up front that you want their opinion on what is best.

RFP laggards are even further behind in the area of tender negotiation preparation. Most businesses that use professional RFP procedures follow predetermined timelines to make sure they have enough time to create quotes, predetermined steps and checklists to improve the quality of their RFP documents, and price verification procedures to determine the added value of their offer in comparison to rivals'.

The study goals are the most crucial component of an RFP and must to be included in all RFPs. Simply put, properly articulating the study objectives is the best method to get your supplier moving in the right direction. A provider can work out the rest after carefully and thoroughly going over these goals with internal, end-user clients.

When considering data intelligence, the distinction is even clearer: Only 27% of RFP stragglers feel confident in predicting competitors' activities for their request for proposal, compared to over 90% of RFP pros who do so based on historical evidence. Additionally, they don't employ all of their resources to achieve a favorable result during negotiations. In comparison to the professionals, who often rely on a fully integrated application, almost one-third of respondents had no tools or software in place to assist the RFP response process.

The majority of RFPs fall somewhere between these two polar opposites; most are neither wholly prescriptive nor entirely non-prescriptive. As a result, the corporate-side researcher needs to be ready to weigh supplier quality, cost, and requirement trade-offs against each other.

A vendor management system that best fits your contingent workforce program can be found by using an RFP to outline your criteria. Making a solid technology decision requires an RFP that has been thoughtfully written and organized. Potential suppliers will have the chance to showcase their skills and compete for your business.

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