Digital Printing vs Offset Printing: What’s the Difference?

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Marketing strategies are taking a huge role in graphics printing. Every printing work is the result of digital or offsets printing. Printing jobs are quite necessary for advertisement purposes. Computers worldwide are supporting the digital means of printing. Digital printing introduced quality, multiple writing styles, colours, and innovation in less possible time. 

Various machines and technological innovations have made the printing process advanced. In fact, these machines have fastened the global printing needs. But what’s the difference between digital and offset printing? Continue reading to determine the basic difference between digital printing Vs offset printing. 

  • What is digital printing? 

Digital printing utilises digital or computer means for printing. These are the standalone products in the market that fulfil the printing needs of your client. You should be clear about the printing purposes to get the correct paper quality and ink. It is easy to find various inks and paper. A digital printer allows you to print one page at a time. These printers are best for small advertising or graphics companies. 

  • What is offset printing?

Offset printing can be a complicated and time-consuming printing process. It uses large machines which use plates and rollers to print an image onto the paper. Usually, the image is etched on aluminium plates. The plates are placed on a roller and the other roller spreads the ink layer on an aluminium plate. The ink roller is passed to the offset roller and it results in passing the ink on paper. You will commonly find 4 colours of ink in offset printers. 

  • Digital printing Vs. Offset printing

The difference between digital and offset printing is quite noticeable. It allows you to identify the correct printing method for your business needs. You will know various differential points through digital printing Vs offset printing.

  • Quality 

One should never compromise with the quality of prints. Digital printing provides the required quality of images. It has 300 dpi of standard resolution and reaches 1800 dpi to produce high-quality images. You will find the 6 or 11-colour inkjet in the digital printing machines. The CMYK printing contributes to finer additional printing colours. 

The offset printing follows the publication standards. You will find that the newsprint has 85 lines per inch and produces 150 PPI. The high-quality magazines and advanced moderation in offset printing reach 1200 PPI resolution. It is comparatively lower in quality than the digital printing quality standards. 

  • Set-up cost

You can find the digital Vs offset printing in the setup cost. The digital print does not imply the setup cost. It is quite simple to operate and take the print. You can lay the image on the computer screen and take a print. 

Offset print is expensive because of the higher setup cost. It requires a page run test to separate the colours. The printed page reflects the CMYK colours. Every colour equals one plate, and the setup cost increases with the increase in colours. 

  • Paper or printing material

Digital printing can also print plastic, vinyl, canvas, and paper. There are special wide-format machines available to print outdoor signages, acrylic and tarpaulins. 

The offset printers can provide prints on various sizes of paper, cardboard and thick glossy papers. It is still digital Vs offset printing

  • Flexibility to change content

In digital prints, you have the flexibility of change at the last minute. The client can make the possible changes in content and design. 

Offet printers provide prints in bulk at one go. If there are multiple wrong pages involved, the operation stops only after a complete function run. It can waste a lot of paper. 

  • Printer purchase

You should get the best printer according to the size, quality and durability. The printer for sale will be available at nominal exclusive discount prices. 


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I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Blockchain, technology, business, and the latest Blockchain marketing tren...

I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Health, technology, business, and the latest digital marketing trends. 

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