Divorce Lawyers - Why You Should Hire Experienced Family Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers - Why You Should Hire Experienced Family Lawyers
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If you are contemplating filing for divorce, hiring an experienced lawyer may be advantageous. They can help determine whether or not your spouse is receiving fair treatment, provide guidance regarding property division and child custody arrangements as well as advise about property division.

Finding a Mornington divorce attorney should not be difficult; simply seek referrals from friends and family for recommendations. Keep an eye out for their expertise, approach and cost structure.

No matter whether it be divorce or separation proceedings, our family lawyers have your needs covered. With their years of experience and our flexibility to offer timely yet cost-effective advice on any given situation, they can guide you in every aspect of this legal process.

You will find our family lawyers knowledgeable in all aspects of Australian family law. We can assist with divorce applications, property settlements, child custody issues and spousal support requests; as well as issues involving domestic violence or restraining orders.

At Family Law Centres of Frankston and Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula, we provide compassionate, empathetic, professional family law services. Founded by Lauren Wilson to bring a fresh approach to family law services in her local community. She strongly advocates for using mediation or conciliation before proceeding to trial if at all possible.

Divorce can be one of the most arduous and emotional-taxing experiences of life, making it challenging to work through complex issues related to property, assets, custody arrangements and living arrangements. Therefore, hiring an attorney with extensive family law experience is critical.

As part of your interview process, ask candidates about their approach to divorce and how they would handle your case. Some attorneys prefer working collaboratively with clients towards solutions; others may be more aggressive in court proceedings; find one who best matches your style and comfort level.

Bayside Solicitors provide experienced divorce lawyers to serve Frankston, Mount Eliza and throughout the Mornington Peninsula. Offering free initial consultations they also can discuss legal aid eligibility.

Divorce proceedings can be expensive. While attorney's fees tend to be the main expense, other expenses such as filing fees and third-party costs (like child custody evaluators ) often surface. According to our survey, those hiring full-scope divorce lawyers paid an average of approximately $11,300 in attorneys' fees alone.

Cost of Divorce When considering the costs associated with divorce, many factors must be taken into consideration, including whether your case is uncontested or contentious, its complexity, and any outstanding disputes which cannot be settled before trial. Typically, longer your divorce proceedings last, the more costly they become.

Some attorneys charge an hourly or flat fee, with the former often including time spent by other staff as well. Some attorneys also charge for phone calls and emails; all charges should be clearly laid out in your fee agreement or retainer document and approved as soon as possible.


Making the decision to end your relationship can be an emotionally trying experience and there are various legal considerations you must address when doing so. From division of property and child custody issues, to any potential debt owing upon separation. To protect your rights and make sure they're upheld properly, having legal assistance on your side could prove invaluable.

Mornington divorce lawyers approach your case with care and provide practical, informed advice about how best to address it. Furthermore, they'll walk you through the steps involved in applying for a divorce.

Not only should marital assets be equally divided during a divorce, but marital debt must also be fairly divided among spouses. This includes credit card debt, car loans and personal loans among others. If you are struggling financially it may be wiser to consult a professional attorney in order to negotiate an equitable settlement and access legal aid if needed - making hiring professional counsel much simpler!

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