DIY Halloween Costumes For When You Don't Want To Spend Too Much

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26 October 2023

DIY Halloween Costumes For When You Don't Want To Spend Too Much

Halloween comes once a year. It comes bringing spooky scary toys, horror and fun-filled costumes, sweets that are bound to cause you cavity if eaten all at once, and all the trick and treating to satisfy your child’s heart. But the main attractions are the costumes that people come up with.

The costumes are a part of Halloween just like gifts are a part of Christmas. But sometimes for one reason or another, we forget to plan our costumes till the absolute last minute. And then comes the tantrum that your child is bound to throw because one of his classmates has had his costume planned for a very long time and he can’t show up without a costume. Or you weren’t planning to go anywhere but have been invited for an impromptu costume party that you can’t say no to and have no idea what to dress up as.

We got you. We have a list of costumes that you can wear that need minimum effort and money. These homemade Halloween costumes are bound to turn heads the moment you walk into the party. And we have divided them based on skills. If you have a funny streak and like puns, you can try out the punny costume ideas. If you have amazing artistic abilities or are a god with a makeup brush, we have a bunch of costumes that you can try. And if you just want a simple and easy Halloween costume without putting much effort, you can try to recreate any of the costumes we have without much hassle.

DIY Punny Halloween Costumes

                If you like puns, you are going to love the few costume suggestions we have here. These are just normal costumes with a punny twist. So here are the top 5 low-effort punny Halloween costumes for you.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Royal Tee

All you need is a solid color tee shirt and paint or write “ROYAL” on it. And your royal tee is ready. You can pair it with some basic jeans or if you want to have more fun with a fancy skirt and a crown and some jewels. Just make sure that the “ROYAL” that you write on the tee stand out. You can do so by using contrasting colours like black on a white tee, red on a black tee or purple on a yellow tee. Just have fun and make it your own.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Cereal Killer

Be ready to ruin some t-shirts for this costume. All you will need is a plain t-shirt or shirt, a few empty mini cereal boxes, some plastic knives and fake blood or watered-down red paint. Stick the plastic knives to the cereal boxes so that they look like they are stabbed and stick these boxes to the plain t-shirt. Now go crazy with the fake blood and make it look like a crime scene and you are done. Your last-minute Halloween costume of a cereal killer is ready.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Party Animal

This is another simple costume which requires a party cap and some animal ears and tail. Draw some whiskers and snout on your face with makeup, put on the party can with the ears and tail. You can put all of this on some black pants and black tee and your costume is ready.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Deviled Egg

This one is an acquired taste (pun intended). This is also a very easy Halloween costume. All you will need is a plain white dress, yellow paper and some devil horns. Cut the yellow paper to an oval and stick it to the white dress. Now put on your devil horns and you are a deviled egg. To make the costume more interesting you can pair it with some red high heels, a red jacket or button-up shirt and some red lipstick.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Copy Cat

You can go about this costume a few different ways. You can paint, write, stick or sew the word copy on a plain white or black t-shirt and put on a pair of cat ears and a tail. Or if you have a pet cat or a cat toy, you can carry that as the “cat” part of your costume. You can also go crazy with the costume and put on some superb makeup to resemble a real cat or you can stay simple with just some whisker and a cat nose.

DIY Halloween Costumes With A Little Makeup

                If you are an amazing artist or have a lot of experience using makeup, here are a few Halloween costume ideas for you which will require some serious skills.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Zombie

You can have fun with this and make it your own in any way you want. You just need a bit of makeup and face paint to make your face look like that of a zombie. Make sure that you have a few bruises, deep circles under your eyes and dry chapped lips. Other than that you can customize the look to your desire.

And why stop at that, if you have some old clothes, you can put a little paint and make-up on those too. And if you really want to go to the next level you can have a zombie bride, a zombie teacher, a zombie doctor, a zombie fireman, a zombie school student, a zombie racer, or whatever else you want to be.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Vampire

This is a rather easy look as all you need is some blood dripping out of your mouth. Of course you can make it crazy by adding some red lenses, vampire teeth and make it look like you have been drenched in blood.

Clothes don’t really matter a lot over here as vampires can wear whatever they want or if you want, you can put on a cape or something too.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Pop Art

Just like the cartoon cake trend, this is a rather new Halloween trend. It is very similar to the cartoon cake where you draw a few black lines and strategically take a photo to make it appear like you are two-dimensional. You can show off your make-up skills by having some excellent designs of melting eye or a weird lip or even having 10 eyes on your face instead of 2. It all up to you. You can pair this make up with some simple clothes or you can paint on your clothes to make them look 2D as well.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Scarecrow

This is a very quick and easy Halloween costume. You just have to draw the wide smile and a carrot nose and you are done. You can add a straw hat and put on some overalls to complete the scare-crow look.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Cat

This is another easy costume idea because all you need to do is draw some whiskers and you are done. You can pair it with a simple black out fit and you are ready to go. Or if you have some more time on your hand, you can attempt to do a proper cat-like face. Oh! And don’t forget your cat-ears and a tail.

DIY Halloween Costumes With What You Can Find At Home

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Sheet Ghost

This is one of the easiest and oldest Halloween costume ideas. All you need is a white sheet with some eye cut-outs and you are done. You are a ghost. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing underneath it is all going to be covered. Similarly, you don’t need to do makeup as it is all going to be covered. You can add some black sunglasses or a pair of glasses on top of the sheet to make the outfit better.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Duct Tape Skeleton

As the name suggests, you need duct tape. A lot of duct tape as you are going to be cutting the bones on the tape and sticking it to the black sweat suit to make it look like a skeleton. If you are having trouble cutting the tape because of its stickiness, you can take some parchment paper, stick the tape on one side, draw the skeleton bones on the other and then cut it. Then simply peel the tape off the parchment and stick it to your black clothes.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Cardboard Robot

If you have a cardboard box lying in your house, big enough to fit a human or a child, you can certainly try this Halloween costume. You can cut out some homes for the arms and have eye holes on the top to be able to see. You can decorate the box with some old CDs, some paper cut into different shapes, and some duct tape and you are done.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Cactus

All you need are some white straws or pipe cleaners and a green T-shirt or hoodie. Cut the pipe cleaners or straws to small Vs and stick them all over the green top and you are done. You can pair it with some brown pants or a skirt to resemble a pot and if you want you can cut a pretty pink flower and stick that to your shoulder too.

·        DIY Halloween Costumes: Tetris

Grab some colourful sticky notes and stick them to a black or white top to resemble the Tetris shapes. Cheap and easy Halloween costume that you made in just a few minutes. As sticky notes can’t hold on to the cloth for very long, you can remove the sticky notes after the party and use the shirt as normal.


                Halloween is a time for fun, it is a time to enjoy and scare and spook some people. So don’t stress if you don’t have a costume prepared for your Halloween party. Just relax and let your creative side out. You will definitely figure out some costume.

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