Do I need a license to buy fireworks from China?

Do I need a license to buy fireworks from China?
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22 October 2022

As the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn colder, many Americans start looking forward to things like fireworks displays and firework shopping. But before you start stocking up on products from China, you might want to check with your state's regulation department first.

What is fireworks?

Fireworks are devices that are designed to produce a colorful and impressive show in the sky. They can be used for weddings, parties, and other events. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some fireworks may be illegal in your state or country, so it is important to check with local authorities before purchasing them.

Types of fireworks

There are two types of fireworks: legal and illegal.

Legal fireworks include sparklers, Roman candles like HAPPY BOOM 8 SHOOTS ROMAN CANDLE(NEW), sky rockets, and bottle rockets. They are typically sold in stores and online, and require a license from the federal government.

Illegal fireworks include mortars, grenades, and mi nes. These items cannot be shipped to the US, and must be bought in China or other foreign countries. They are often sold at roadside vendors or in underground markets, and may be dangerous if not handled properly.

If you plan to purchase illegal fireworks, be aware that they can be extremely dangerous and volatile. Make sure to research the product before buying it, and avoid buying anything that looks suspicious.

How to buy fireworks from China

If you're looking to buy fireworks in China, you'll need to be aware of the relevant regulations. In general, you don't need a license to purchase fireworks in China, but there are a few exceptions. In order to avoid any legal trouble, it's always best to check with the local authorities before making your purchase.

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What to watch out for when buying fireworks from China?

When looking to buy fireworks from China, it’s important to be aware of a few things. Firstly, make sure you know the laws in your country concerning the sale and use of fireworks. Secondly, always check the safety warning labels on Chinese fireworks packages before using them. And finally, be sure to get a valid license if you plan on using Chinese fireworks in public.


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No, you don't need a license to buy fireworks from China. However, if you want to take any of the fireworks back with you to the United States, you will need to comply with U.S. regulations. You can find more information about importing and exporting fireworks here:

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