Do I need to insure my car before I purchase a Car?

Do I need to insure my car before I purchase a Car?
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28 September 2022

Do I need to insure my car before I purchase an automobile?

You'll require insurance in order to purchase a used car. Even if you're not sure of the exact car you're purchasing be sure to look over your car insurance options prior to shopping to ensure that you start your insurance policy on the same day you get the new car.

How can you get insurance for your car without a vehicle?

If you're looking for auto insurance whether you're applying and looking at quotes by yourself or with an independent broker to evaluate quotes from various insurance firms, you'll have to provide some basic details to get an accurate estimate. The information you provide should include:

  • Birthdays and names for everyone in the household who drives
  • Numbers for driver's licenses and Social Security Numbers for every driver in the household
  • VINs for all cars
  • The address of the insurer as well as an address at which the vehicle is to be stored (this is often the same address)
  • Your declarations page from the most recent insurance policy

But what happens if you're purchasing your first car, and you've never owned any kind of car or car insurance policy prior to now? To get exact quotes on car insurance, and also to put your policy into force it is necessary to know the specifics of the car you're buying, but it's possible to find quotes based on the model and make of the vehicle you're planning on purchasing.

When you're dealing with an independent agent you'll be able to provide them with all the information you have, minus the vehicle's VIN, and have your insurance policy in place to take effect when you select the vehicle you want. So you can make sure that you're ready to purchase your car insurance the day you return home with the new vehicle.

If you know the car you're looking to purchase contact the seller or dealer for the VIN to purchase insurance for your car ahead of time. Make sure to specify the policy's start date to the day that you'll be taking your car home, to ensure you're covered on the way back home.

If you're looking for insurance coverage for your car and you're able to choose an effective date for your insurance policy that is weeks, sometimes months away you may even be eligible for some discount on the price of insurance for buying in advance.

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When do you need to buy the car will you require insurance?

We've already mentioned that you must ensure you're covered by car insurance before you purchase the new car even if you need to contact your broker from the dealership to provide them with the exact details. However, things will be a bit different if you're purchasing the car with an insurance policy in place.

If you are a holder of an active insurance policy on your car that includes an extended grace period for new vehicles. This means that your existing car insurance policy will automatically increase to cover the new car that you purchase, prior to the time you join it to your insurance.

If your current insurance policy covers this type of protection, it's temporary, usually lasting one week to 30 days at which point you have to be able to add the new car to your existing policy or it won't be covered.

That means that you'll be covered the moment you return home from the dealer and for several days or weeks after the purchase, but it is important to inform your insurance company about the new car at the earliest time possible.

There could be some limitations on this coverage for a temporary period The insurance policy may only cover a brand new car in the event that it replaces your current vehicle, and not if you're adding a new car to your policy, but you keep the existing one. The temporary coverage could be a collision and comprehensive coverage depending on the coverage you have on your current policy.

Before driving your new vehicle to your home, make sure you check with your current insurance provider to ensure that they'll provide temporary protection to the new car. If they will, ask what time you need to add the vehicle to your policy. If they don't, you'll need to find a way to add the vehicle to your policy prior to the time you take it off the lot.

Do you have the option of getting car insurance the next day?

Yes, buying car insurance is typically straightforward and easy. It's always beneficial to take a few minutes to look around for insurance quotes and get quotes from several firms, however buying insurance for your car can be completed within just 24 hours.

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