Do you experience dry hits?

Do you experience dry hits?
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Suppose you are the one who may have experienced dry hits while vaping. You may try to avoid this situation where your throat becomes dehydrated, a dry hit of puff leaves you coughing, watery eyes, and a burnt taste which results in an awful burnt taste from tongue to throat.

 For that, try to avoid all those causes which may result in this burned flavor.

Reasons for dry hit:

There are two main basic reasons for such offensive taste. Number one is that the cottonwick of your coil may be burning, which can be unhealthy to use. Number two, e-liquid or juice will overheat, and its components are breaking into small pieces that are unhealthy to inhale and digest.

What does dry hit mean:

When your e-liquid is not properly absorbed by cottonwick, which is placed in the coil, dry hits can be caused. This can happen due to gunk put in coils or burned cotton in the wick. This will lead to a bad taste in your mouth. If this happens a few more times, it may damage your device. Try to have maximum e-liquid in your vape tank, which can further protect your coil.

Following are some of the things that can cause dry hits, whether you have a dry tank or gunk coil.

Poor quality coil:

If you got a new coil for your device, either your own Tugboat Evo or Juul 2 pods, but it doesn't fit properly in the machine, then it is ideal to replace it.

 High-intensity watt:

If you like making big puffs and clouds, use a high-watt vaping device. These devices may cause dry hits. On the other hand, try to use a low-wattage device or alter a coil that can be used for high-wattage puffs. 

Chain vaping habit:

Suppose you are the one who loves to be a chain vapor and make a puff constantly. Then try to give a pause from 30 seconds to 1 minute as it will cool down your coil and mod; otherwise, your coil will burn out fastly and will drain all of the juice. Some of the vapers try to switch off their vape and give it a rest so that the coil can regain its moisture and cool down.

Choose the best, either VG or PG.

While deciding to choose the right device, it is also necessary to make a wise choice to select juice. Vegetable Glycerin is more sticky than Propylene Glycol, penetrating cotton wick more easily. PG Propylene Glycol is a thinner liquid that can be absorbed in the coil more swiftly, so try to use PG as it reduces dry hit issues.

Breaking of coil:

Using a brand-new product requires a soft touch. When using a new coil, try to break in your coil with your few puffs with the wattage set on lower than increasing it gradually. This will make your coil secure for further use.

Make sure to fill out your tank:

If you let your e-liquid on a minimum level, this will damage your coil. Doing this will drain all your wick and will collapse the coil. In this case, many vapers tend to follow the rule to refill their tank when the level reaches 20%, but some of them wait for 10%. But the most secure way is to refill your Juul 2 pods when the level comes to 20%.


Following the above-discussed tips will help you in enjoying your vaping at its fullness. You can go through our online store for more information or top tips.

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