Dodge Planetary Doshas With the Help of a Top Astrologer in New York

Dodge Planetary Doshas With the Help of a Top Astrologer in New York
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Do you think that problems never leave your side? Are you tired of looking for effective remedies to put an end to all your miseries? Recurring problems in your life may be due to the presence of planetary doshas. In astrology, a dosha refers to the unpropitious association of planets. The top astrologer in New York can help you learn about these malefic planetary associations. These associations can create long-lasting troubles in your life. 

Due to the presence of unfavorable planets in your horoscope, you will be at the receiving end of problems in all spheres of life. Be it a matter of relationship, career, or health, there can be innumerable unbearable problems in your path. The influence of doshas is given weight in Vedic astrology. 

Apart from this, the previous life karmas are also responsible for putting you in a challenging situation. To help you get rid of these doshas, astrology offers some of the most effective solutions. Several quick and reliable remedies are available in astrology that can help you tackle the troubles that find your way due to malefic planetary arrangements.

But before finding the solutions, let’s take a look at some common doshas:

  • Manglik Dosha: According to astrology, this dosha occurs when the planet Mars is strong in your horoscope. The planet is symbolic of war and violence. Thus, ill-omened circumstances are bound to occur in the presence of Manglik Dosha. The Manglik Dosha highly impacts matters related to marriage and relationships. According to astrology, if the planet Mars is strong, then a couple is likely to face troubles in their married life. Not only this, Manglik or Mangal Dosha can escalate the chances of delay in marriage. Thus this dosha becomes the deciding factor in a marriage. 
  • Kala-Sarpa Dosha: The Kala-Sarpa Dosha is considered highly inauspicious in astrology. The arrangement of all the planets between Rahu and Ketu gives rise to this dosha. People who have this Dosha in their horoscope are bound to be at the receiving end of various hardships in life. To dodge the unfavorable events that take place in your life due to the Kala-Sarpa dosha, you can consult a genuine astrologer. According to the best astrologer on Long Island, it is critical to resolving problems caused by the presence of Kala-Sarpa dosha as soon as possible, as this dosha can be extremely harmful in all aspects of life.
  • Grahan Dosha: The Grahan Dosha occurs in your horoscope if you’re born during a solar or lunar eclipse. Some unfavorable cosmic alignments can create this dosha. This dosha is capable of causing troubles in various spheres of life. The Grahan Dosha affects a person according to a particular house. Depending on the house it is in, it can cause problems or prosperity. This dosha can leave a long-lasting impact on your life. However, the good news is that it can be eliminated at any stage of life. This is why one needs not to get bothered by the severe influence of this dosha. 

Dodge Planetary Doshas With the Help of a Top Astrologer in New York

The doshas above are some of the most common doshas that can appear in a horoscope and cause trouble in a person’s life. Other than this there is Nadi Dosha, Angarak Dosha, Pitra Dosha, Kemdrum Dosha, and Guru Chandal Yoga or Dosha. These doshas can impede a person's productivity and growth in life and are dangerous. This is why it is important to give attention to these doshas and get quick and effective remedies. One can consult astrologers to dodge the effects of doshas. A reliable Indian astrologer in New York, Master Jairam is one such astrologer who can help you with rectifying and getting rid of these planetary doshas. 

Getting assistance from an astrologer provides you with an explanation of why things happen the way they do and what can be done to overcome the problems that arise in a person’s life due to those problems.

Following are some of the remedies that can be implemented to overcome Grahan Doshas:

  • Chanting some specific mantras 108 times
  • Wearing special gemstones 
  • Participating in religious activities
  • Donating clothes to the poor and underprivileged
  • Conducting puja rituals 
  • Offer grains and green grass to cows.
  • Read religious texts every day.
  • Keep fast on Tuesday 
  • Avoid adding onions and garlic to any meal.
  • Worship gods and goddesses with mantra chanting 
  • Planting trees

The above remedies are effective and can neutralize the negative influence of planetary doshas in your kundali. However, it is important to have the right knowledge and understanding about implementing these remedies.  

The desired results can be achieved if these remedies are practiced under the supervision of an expert astrologer in New York. Different doshas require different remedies. The above-mentioned remedies are not just for one dosha. An astrologer can provide you with the right knowledge about which remedy is best suited for which dosha. Therefore it is best to take assistance from an astrologer and nullify the effect of harmful doshas. 

Doshas can be detrimental to the native. The malefic planetary arrangement is the primary reason for the origination of these harmful doshas. Along with an unfavorable planetary alignment, wrong past-life karmas or misdeeds are also to blame for the appearance of these doshas. A dosha can intervene in the normal functioning of a person’s life. It can create troubles in matters related to career, marriage, relationships, etc. 

Although there are several remedies available for a wide range of doshas, it is sometimes tough to tackle the negative influence of doshas with precision. This is why it is recommended that one should seek guidance from an astrologer. As the remedial practice of these doshas is risk-oriented, people trying to get rid of these doshas by their understanding can put themselves in a troubling situation. 

According to the best astrologer in Queens, such people are also likely to fail to achieve the desired outcomes. Consulting an astrologer is the best way to overcome problems linked with a dosha. A variety of astrologers are available to provide effective dosha remedies. You can consult an astrologer irrespective of your location and get the most sought-after solutions. 

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