Drop Tester Machine for Paper & Packing Industry: Testing-Instruments

Drop Tester Machine for Paper & Packing Industry: Testing-Instruments
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A drop tester machine is a device that simulates the impact that a paper or packaging product may receive during transportation and handling. It is used to evaluate the quality and durability of the product and its ability to protect the contents inside.

drop tester machine consists of a base unit, a drop unit, a specimen holder, a load cell, a display unit, and a control unit. The device works by dropping the drop unit onto the product, which is placed on the specimen holder, and measuring the impact force and the damage caused by the collision.

A drop tester machine can be used to test various types of paper and packaging products, such as bottles, pouches, cans, trays, corrugated boxes, and more. The device can perform different types of drop test, such as straight drop, angular drop, rotational drop, and inclined drop, to assess the product from all angles.

A drop tester machine is an important tool for the paper and packaging industry, as it helps to ensure the safety and reliability of the products and their contents. By using a drop tester machine, manufacturers can test the impact resistance and breakage of the products and comply with the standards and regulations for paper and packaging quality and safety, such as ASTM D5276, ASTM D5487, ISO 2248, and ISTA 1A.

Testing-Instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drop tester machines for the paper and packaging industry. They offer a range of drop tester machines that are designed and developed with high-quality materials and advanced technology. Their drop tester machines are easy to operate, accurate, and reliable. They also provide customized solutions and after-sales services to meet the specific needs of their customers.

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