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15 November 2022

Establish an Online Presence in the International Market via Growcify.

With an increased customer base in the online markets, several businesses have taken their brands to the international market to expand their revenues and receive international recognition from foreign countries. Global e-commerce has skyrocketed within the past few years and brands have almost quadrupled their sales targets after achieving this new customer base in the international market. India crossed the 1 billion dollar export mark in FY 2020 and is expected to double the figures within the next few years approximately. 

But can you, as an e-commerce business owner, introduce your brand to the international market? Well, with Growcify, you can! Growcify is a SaaS-based platform catering to the needs of customers seeking a platform to establish their business online with their personalized website, mobile application, or POS software.

Well, we are glad to inform you that if you are already using a platform established by Growcify and are inclined to take your business to the international market, this article will help you with how to do that step by step. 

Table of Contents

  1. Research and Identify the market 
  2. Delivery and Shipments. 
  3. Set up International payments.
  4. Marketing strategies. 

1.Research and identify the market. 

If you closely observe an international market, it all comes down to where most of your potential customers are. To maximize your profits, you shall invest in only those countries with an elevated demand for your product. When working with Growcify, our company assists you with a dedicated account manager with whom you can discuss this model and formulate decisions. 

If you do not have any clients from the international market already purchasing goods from you, you need not worry. You can research where the highest demand for the product that you're selling and carefully probe the analytics and customer grounds of that international market. 

Having existing clients from the international markets would help you out a lot as you can study the customer base of that company and understand the demands of those customers. 


2.Delivery and Shipments. 

On-time delivery and minimizing shipping charges are a priority for many customers. Now delivering your products to the international markets is not inexpensive. Let your customers know that. No one appreciates any hidden charges or false estimates as it directly impacts the company's reputation. 

With Growcify, you need to worry about express delivery services. Growcify has tied up with some of the best delivery companies offering door-to-door shipments in international markets, such as FedEx, Bluedart, DHL, etc. 

3.Set up international payments. 

Establishing an e-commerce business in the international market mandates you to set up a cross-border payment service for your customers to perform smooth transactions at the time of payment. 

Growcify caters to you with Razorpay, an integrated payment gateway that lets you accept international payments after meeting certain conditions. 

For better conversion rates and convenient transactions, you can contact some third-party payment gateways such as Paypal. 

4.Marketing Strategies. 

If you're looking for a smooth entry into the international market, your potential customers would need to know of your existence. Marketing plays a significant role in educating the clients on the kind of products you're selling and whether these products meet the expectations of the customers or not. 

Television Commercials and newspaper advertising are still one of the most promising techniques to advertise your brand in the international market if you have the budget. So make sure to hire an experienced graphic designer and advertising head.

You can always promote your brand online using the authority of social media, with Facebook and Instagram being your primary social media platforms. Hiring influencers, advertising through local celebrities, offering discount codes for limited periods, etc. are some tactics you can use to promote your brand in the international market.

Introducing your e-commerce business into the international market is not child's play. But Growcify helps you achieve that milestone in every possible way. Many entrepreneurs speculate that their brands have reached their peak recognition within a country and decide to establish their businesses in the international markets. By doing it right, they can reach a whole new customer base and their sales upscale only within a few years. 

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