E-Lins 4g 5g Cellular Router: A Wireless Solution for Various Scenarios

E-Lins 4g 5g Cellular Router: A Wireless Solution for Various Scenarios
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A cellular router works by using the cellular network signal to provide wireless Internet access. A cellular network is composed of many base stations covering different areas, and each base station has a central controller responsible for managing communication and handover between base stations. A cellular router has a built-in cellular modem that can receive and send signals from the cellular network to connect to the Internet. Cellular routers also have a routing function that can distribute received data to other devices within the LAN, or forward data from the LAN to the Internet. Cellular routers usually support multiple network standards, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc., and can automatically select the best network connection method according to signal strength and network quality.

E-Lins industrial-grade 4g 5g cellular router supports HTTPS, SSL VPN, L2TP, PPTP, GRE and other security protocols, and also has security functions such as firewall, intrusion detection, and access control list. We also regularly update firmware and software to fix known bugs and unknown bugs.

About the choice of sim card. In terms of network quality, enterprise private networks are more stable than public networks, and dedicated bandwidth resources are allocated to ensure business priority access to the network. However, the coverage of the private network is limited, and it needs to be considered if the device is deployed mobile. From the price point of view, the public network tariff is more favorable, but there may be rate fluctuations during peak and valley periods. The private network is expensive, but it provides stable network service quality. In terms of function, the public network card needs to set the APN by itself, which is more flexible; while the private network card has a preset APN and can be used after leaving the factory. In terms of security, the private network has stronger security isolation. Another point to note is that some industries or regulatory scenarios require the use of specific operator SIM cards. At the meantime, H685f and H900f series router can support E-SIM. Customer can provide the chipset to us, we will build the E-SIM chipset on the board.

Now, we also upgrade the 4g model H820 with better CPU and more powerful WiFi. E-Lins industrial routers are compact, rugged 3G/4G/LTE wireless router network solutions designed for extreme environmental conditions, suitable for M2M (Machine to Other Machine), loT (Internet of Things) and in-vehicle applications

Tips: From time to time, new E-Lins customers report Cell Down or SIM error issues. In general, you only need to set the APN in the router GUI, that is, fill in the user name and password. This information can be obtained through the SIM card provider.

In addition, the NMS of E-Lins has been upgraded to version v2.7, and everyone is welcome to use it.

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