Eco-Friendly Commutes: TVS, Greaves, & Mahindra Models

Eco-Friendly Commutes: TVS, Greaves, & Mahindra Models
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As environmental concerns rise, there's a growing demand for eco-friendly transport. They reduce carbon emissions and pollution to contribute towards a sustainable environment. Moreover, besides being eco-friendly, auto rickshaws often integrate modern technology. 

Greaves, TVS, and Mahindra auto rickshaws attract passengers, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. They provide improved performance and comfort, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. 

Read the blog to learn how these eco-friendly commutes ensure economic sustainability. 


Mahindra E Alfa Super Auto Rickshaw

E Alfa Super: The Ultimate Three-Wheeler E-Rickshaw | Mahindra LMM

The Mahindra E Alfa Super is an electric-powered model having a BLDC motor and 140AH battery. Its great battery capacity ensures high performance. This model is favorable for entrepreneurs seeking affordable options to enhance their living standards. Also, it delivers 95 km/charge at 25 mph speed within the city. The E Alfa Super model's price range starts from Rs. 1.65 - 1.70 Lakh. Further, this model is coupled with high comfort and convenience for driver + 4 seating capacity.  

Greaves ELP Auto Rickshaw

A definitive Survey of Greaves, Auto, and Bajaj Vehicles | by David John |  Nov, 2023 | Medium


The Greaves ELP auto-rickshaw is a good option for fleet owners seeking sustainable rides. It aligns with the Zero Tailpipe, which reduces carbon emissions for a cleaner environment. This model delivers great output. It ensures a maximum speed of 55 kmph, delivering 100-200Km/charge for commuting within the city. The Greaves auto has the ability for high payload volume, carrying driver + 4 passengers. It is an exceptional quality model available at a fair price. 

TVS King Duramax Auto Rickshaw

CNG TVS King Duramax Auto Rickshaw

The TVS King Duramax has Spark Ignition that ensures noise reduction for better driving performance. This model features a driver info display for fleet management. The TVS auto rickshaw price range falls between Rs. 1.80 and 2.25 Lakh. Further, it has a 12V, 32Ah battery, ensuring sustainable trips for passengers and drivers. 

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