Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips
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05 September 2022

A lot of materials are expended to keep a household’s possessions safe and organized throughout a move. From roll after roll of packing tape and paper to disposable shipping containers, the amount of waste generated can really add up fast. In fact, American families go through 900 million cardboard boxes alone during the moving process each year.

In an effort to combat this unsustainable level of waste, many families are taking steps to make the process eco-friendlier. The first approach is simple. By following the guiding words of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” movers can do what they can to declutter and eliminate items around the house that are no longer needed.

This way, not as many supplies will be consumed during the packing process. These items might be donated to those in need for reuse, old resources can be properly recycled and even worn furniture could be refurbished for a new destination. While these measures may take time, they could go a long way in reducing the amount of moving waste in landfills.

Another tactic to diminish waste is to use packing supplies you're already at home. Clean rags, spare clothing and extra linens can be used to wrap items instead of using plastic bubble wrap or other single-use packing materials. Other ways to use less include procuring second-hand boxes from grocery stores, renting reusable boxes and electing to use biodegradable options instead of traditional routes, such as packing peanuts and Styrofoam. “Green” moving companies can offer these alternatives, as well as biodiesel or hybrid moving vehicles, to decrease emissions and lessen the carbon footprint of the entire undertaking.

For further information and additional eco-friendly moving tips, please see the accompanying resource.

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