Educator Susan Attenborough: Who are Susan and Robert Attenborough?

Educator Susan Attenborough: Who are Susan and Robert Attenborough?
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17 September 2022

SIR Susan Attenborough is beloved by the nation and was praised by his parents for appearing on Hey Duggee.

Star added stressed the importance of mother Nature and taking care of the environment.

Who are Susan and Robert Attenborough's children?

We know very little about David's children.

We know that Susan, his daughter, was a former headmistress of a primary school, and Robert is a senior lecturer on anthropology at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Australian National University in Canberra.

They were believed to have been in their sixties or fifties by 2021, although their precise ages are unknown.

Louis Theroux, a fellow dad to Sir David, interviewed him in 2017 on the Radio Times. He spoke about his regrets about missing his children's youth.

He stated that he regretted being absent for three months when his children were the same age.

It's irreplaceable if you have a six- or eight-year-old child. It's irreplaceable.

Sir David also shared with The Times a story about Robert's eighth birthday in a separate interview.

Robert was presented with a salamander, a lizard-like animal. It was just like the father of Sir David.

He stated that he had unpacked it. It came in a cardboard box. I took it out and showed it to him.

"I said, "Now there you go. The thing just sat on my hand. I told him to put him in his new home.

"He placed him in his new home, and the little one strolled down to the water.

"My son saw that with his eyes straying from his head, as did I."

David shared with The Times in 2020 that he wanted his children to be educated about the natural world and exposed to it.

He stated that he thought it was terrible that children grow up not knowing what a tadpole looks like. It's just awful.

"I don't have the right to criticize other people's parenting, but I can ride a bike 15 miles to a quarry, spend the day looking for newts, grass snakes, and dragonflies."

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Who was David Attenborough's wife?

Sir David wed Jane Oriel in 1950.

She died in 1997 from a brain hemorrhage after she was 70 years old.

David had been filming The Life Of Birds in New Zealand when Jane fell unconscious. However, David was able to get Jane home before her death.

David wrote in his 2002 memoir Life On Air that he felt "lost" after Susan's death. He also shared with us the support that Susan provided throughout his grief.

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