Effective ways to enhance your Vape Flavors

Effective ways to enhance your Vape Flavors
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In the past few years the vaping industry got a lot more attention and is well known. You may find a huge collection of flavors and devices in the market. Many people switched from real tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes in which vaping found to be the most preferred one.  In the vape industry unique and attractive flavors and designs or devices are launched daily to attract maximum customers.

The only drawback of these flavors you might see is the addition of vegetable glycerin which might sometimes choke your devices pretty quickly. But some of the positive aspects of these flavors are below.

Climate changes:

Temperature and voltage varies and affects directly on juice flavors. Many times high temperature and voltage can either rich the flavor of juice or can reduce it. To use your Pod salt go 2500 or Pod salt nexus make sure to read out all the details mentioned on the back of packaging.  Different flavors come with a range of temperature manipulation.

Mange your flow and its air:

A huge vapor cloud can sometimes have a negative effect  on your e-juice. Flavors of these categories may be used in mild or warm areas which will have high density. Increase or maximum air flow can restore the flavor perfectly. While purchasing vape devices make sure to purchase a device which has a specific airflow settings which may give you the best flavor and taste which you are looking for.

Increase heat effects your vape device:

Always make sure to note down the heat setting as it may damage all your flavor, taste and consistency. Heating your device for too long may damage the flavor, taste and texture. Many Times heat can break down nicotine which is present in e-juice , this can blog your Pod salt nexus device. Extreme exposure of heat and light can wipe out taste and flavor from its liquid.

Mostly vegetable glycerin can be used as a main ingredient in vape and many other foods. Make sure not to keep vape near heat, fire. Not to store it in the kitchen or in the car especially in summer where temperature can increase. It is ideal to store E liquids in dry and cool places which can help to restore its flavor and chemical composition.

Quality matters alot

 Composition of wick and coils are different in every vape device depending upon their quality. While searching for the best and quality vape device you may go through a lot of fake and low quality material. But doing some research can lead you to the exclusive product you are searching for. Look for cotton wicks which deliver a clean flavor taste and allow you to have an exact flavor of e-liquid.

High intensity of propylene Glycol:

Increasing the level of PG propylene Glycol can definitely increase the richness of flavor in e-liquid. This will enhance the flavor, smoothness and texture. Try to purchase an e-juice with a high level of Propylene Glycol.


 The taste and texture of e-liquid completely depends upon the choice you make. Make sure to look for above mentioned key points while purchasing e-liquid. Choosing the right device for your favorite liquid requires research and time. But for all newbies you can follow tips we discussed. Store your vape devices in cool and dry areas.  Do Not store it in hot or near heat as it will wipe out the flavor from its juice or can damage battery health. Or you can follow our page where market researchers share top tips which are updated. 

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