Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary
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Following Giants is an ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand that offers a half-day tour for visitors to learn about the plight of elephants and the sanctuary's efforts to rescue and rehabilitate them.


The tour begins with an introduction to the sanctuary and its mission, followed by a brief history of elephants in Thailand and the challenges they face due to habitat loss and mistreatment in the tourism industry.


Next, visitors are invited to observe the elephants in their natural habitat, free from chains and exploitation. The sanctuary currently houses four elephants, each with their own unique story and personality. Visitors can observe them from a safe distance and learn about their behavior and habits from the knowledgeable guides.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to feed the elephants, but only with fruits and vegetables, as the sanctuary does not support the feeding of sugary or processed foods.


The tour concludes with a chance to help bathe the elephants in the nearby river, an experience that is both refreshing and rewarding.


Throughout the tour, the sanctuary emphasizes the importance of ethical elephant tourism and responsible travel. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and to take what they have learned back home with them, spreading awareness about the plight of elephants and supporting ethical tourism practices.


Overall, the half-day tour at Following Giants is a wonderful opportunity to learn about and support the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants in Thailand, while also enjoying a memorable and educational experience.

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