Email Verification: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Komal Shinde Komal Shinde 10 September 2022 Follow
Email Verification: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Your data research team is providing email addresses to you on time but still not getting the desired upcome? Received data in bulk but couldn't prepare to launch your email marketing campaign by uploading your email list? Suddenly, your progress stops, and you realize that the email you are sending is either hitting spam, getting bounced or not received by the targeted audience. You're informed to verify and validate the email list.

Now, what do you mean by email verification? Why is it slowing your email marketing efforts?

Setting up the priorities for email verification will always result in surprising outcomes and make every email marketing campaign flourish. Hence, email verification is necessary for all-sized businesses and to make it more easy - an advanced email verification software tool can help.

Below is an article, you will learn what email verification is and why it matters.

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Email Verification

Email verification is a method which ensures that the email list you prepared is reaching your targeted audience. There are various email verification tools, and email validation software available on the internet. This software can validate emails one at a time, once they enter your CRM. You can either go with individual email verification or bulk email verification. It's your call to make, depending on your business requirements.

Consequences of Not Having an Email Verification Tool

If your sales team and marketing team does not get accurate email addresses on time, it can be of great loss for the business. Such situations occur for limited purposes all of which – Email Verification Software can help you.

  1. Impact your Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you planning to use all your email lists to execute an email campaign? If you are using Ad Campaigns for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with customized options for your audience lists, then having an inaccurate email list can negatively affect you. As bad quality emails cannot promise you great lead conversions from viewing your ads, and promotions. It can provide a bad impression about the emails reaching their destination.

And the other way around, if you are reaching audiences but are not the relevant ones, then this can also hurt your business leads.

  1. Slower your Deliverability

Bad-quality emails or wrong email lists, both are going to impact your business deliverability. If the emails you send are not getting delivered or are inaccurate, it will result in higher bounce rates and more spam hits. This can ultimately destroy your marketing performance, as the email servers/systems can see this as an indication of bad quality, and it may start to drive you more toward spam inbox by default.

  1. Divert your Sales and Marketing Teams

Whenever a new lead comes in, the sales team is the one that gets in touch with them. This is how the process is. And while lead scoring can help them concentrate on the right people at the right time, the truth is that they will reach out to everyone, and a lead can be detected as a suitable prospect aside from a weak email. You wish your team to aim at the right audience for ROI acceleration. Email verification and validation software is the first step in this scenario. It will help you with 98% accurate email list verification and many more advanced features.

  1. Spoil your Email Data

An unclicked email is always an indicator screaming at you that – YOUR DATA IS’NT ACCURATE!

Consider that you have 150 email data that was never verified to date with a 35% open rate. Then you don't know if that open rate is 100% accurate. Are the 115 customers viewing the email subject line and giving it a second thought, or not? Is it at least closer to that number?

Always remember that good quality and quantity of email lists is the most important thing to grab a targeted audience.

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Great marketers can also have inaccurate email lists. Proactively getting rid of them can move your email marketing campaign in the right direction. This can ultimately help in increased ROI, better performance, and a successful email campaign run. While this will become more target-oriented by using an advanced email verification tool. Here is a software that’s recommended. Business World ECO – Helps all-sized businesses reach their targeted audience with ease and engage your audience on the right track, right time and with the right message.

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