Emotional intelligence

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We are all today, in some way or the other, affected by the Pandemic. At a certain level it’s made the world one big family an Ethos of sorts.  Until a while back we probably looked at this like a passing phase but now the thought of it being a New Normal has set in. We know somewhere that, we will follow a kind of new world order. Let’s spend some time to look at Skills that will help us now and going forward. 

Today, I would like to focus on Emotional Intelligence. While reading this article each of us just needs to introspect to see if we identify with these traits? Do we possess them or would like to master them? Do we believe it will help us towards Mental Fitness? 

In the Corporate & Academic World we have always seen IQ being measured, but what about EQ! How important is this skill? 

EQ is being recognized by a lot of institutions / organizations today, Linked-in being one of them who has emphasized on this skill over a lot of other skills that can be acquired through corporate on the job trainings 

The capacity to recognise, use, and control your own emotions in constructive ways to reduce stress, communicate clearly, sympathise with others, and overcome obstacles through diffusing conflict is known as the capacity to appreciate people on a profound level (otherwise called close to home remainder, or EQ).

When we use the word Empathy lets probe a bit more to understand and see if these forms of Empathy are something that resonate with us.

  • The ability to respond to another’s emotion APPROPRIETLY - A form of Affective Empathy 
  • Somatic Empathy 
  • The ability to understand another’s RESPONSE to a PARTICULAR situation which is a form of Cognitive Empathy.  

There are several types or Categories of emotional intelligence that are often spoken about. I consider these as categories of one’s self if understood and managed help us evolve emotionally balances.  

Some of these are Self -Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management and so on.  

In a nutshell all these are about observing and acknowledging our individual feelings  which can be done through mindfulness, Body scan, Meditation and several other  techniques.  

Observe how you act when you are experiencing a certain emotion and how that affects your day to day life. Managing emotions becomes easier when we are more conscious of how we react to them  

Let further look at some signs of emotionally intelligent people  

▪ Ability to handle criticism without denial Blame excuses or anxiety ▪ Open Minded do not throw things under the carpet no sugarcoating  ▪ They Apologize when they are wrong and also if they feel they have intruded  been very open. 

▪ they are difficult to Offend  

I would consider this article to have resonated with you if identify with the below. Give it a thought! 

I am capable of making intelligent and appropriate use of my emotions in a variety of contexts. I combine this with my ability to use emotions to make myself more intelligent overall. Moving towards Resilience & Adaptive Intelligence” 

Components of emotional intelligence

According to research, emotional intelligence can be divided into four categories: emotional perception, the capacity to use emotions as a tool for reasoning, emotional understanding, and emotional management. 

  • Understanding emotions: The first step in comprehending emotions is to accurately perceive them. Recognizing nonverbal clues like body language and facial expressions is frequently required for this.
  • Emotional reasoning is the next level, which involves utilizing feelings to encourage mental and cognitive function. Our emotional responses to items that catch our attention help us priorities what we pay attention to and how we respond.
  • Recognizing emotions: The meanings associated with the emotions we experience are extremely varied. The observer must determine the source of the person's anger and what it might signify if they are showing furious emotions. For instance, if your employer is acting irately, it may indicate that they are unhappy with your work or that they received a speeding ticket. way they were getting ready for work that morning, or that they had been fighting with their partner.
  • Emotional intelligence is the highest level when it comes to being able to properly handle emotions. Regulating one's emotions, acting appropriately when they arise, and responding to one's own emotions are all aspects of emotional management.

This model's four branches are arranged in order of complexity, with the simpler processes located at the lower levels and the more complex ones located at the higher levels. The lowest levels, for instance, entail feeling and expressing emotions, but higher levels demand more conscious effort and involve controlling emotions.

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