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Engineered wood flooring manufacturer established in 1996, covering 36,000 square meter in Deqing town, Zhejiang province. Engineered wood flooring is one of our advantage products. russian oak flooring Our flooring are 90% for export, with 2015-2016 anunal turnovers of US$25million. Now our annual output is about 1,800,000sqm.
About Us:
GOLINKWOOD built GOLINKFLOOR because he saw a need in the market russian oak for extraordinarily well-crafted but accessible hardwood flooring. wood flooring manufacturers With his family already established in hardwood flooring and lord parquet manufacturing, he received admission to the highest quality in raw materials. By offering products directly – avoiding retailers and storefronts whose individual commissions tongue and groove flooring only inflate pricing – he founded a WOVEN VINYL FLOORING sales model that spared all parties the trouble of middlemen, while passing along the balance savings to the customer. PurezaWood can offer luxury hardwood so competitively priced パーケットフローリング 高い because it comes straight from the source. engineered wood flooring manufacturers We take our craftsmanship seriously. We want to create the standard for engineered hardwood flooring. We are in constant contact with our factory, visiting many times every year, to ensure both the quality of the lumber and the wellbeing of every employee. engineered wood flooring manufacturers china, Because we monitor every step of manufacture, we can offer customization fitted just for your vision. engineered wood flooring china Sustainability is incredibly important to us. With our changing world, golink floor we must always remain conscientious and adapt according to need. We woven vinyl flooring pride ourselves on our environmentally minded acquisition of materials. engineered wood flooring Our efforts earned our organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certification, a demanding process that requires we neither use chemical synthetic packhan fertilizers and pesticides nor damage chevron engineered wood flooring the surrounding environment in our harvests. This regulation mandates JAS-labeled products’ low environmental impact, finest quality, and strictest standards. best wood flooring We are also CARB II-compliant. The golinkfloor California Air Resources Board issued these wood-product guidelines to maintain and improve air quality, certifying materials as compliant to parquet engineered wood flooring keep consumers safe from known carcinogens. engineered parquet flooring All PurezaWood products follow CARB II, and we support all such consumer-protective measures. ロシア オーク Chevron engineered wood flooring is a widely used floor that originated in France in the 16th century. Since its appearance, it has been loved by European aristocrats in the Middle Ages. It has appeared in many famous European palaces, the dance floor of the old Shanghai cabaret, and the elegant room of the bookstore. It is as light and agile as the bones of a fish. In many world-famous buildings, there is the rich colour left by the herringbone wood floor, such as the Versailles, the Louvre, tongue and groove flooring the Great Hall of the People in France, the romantic capital of France, etc. But the installation of the chevron floor has always been a problem. The chevron floor is several grades more difficult than herringbone flooring or ordinary straight-laid flooring. The most important point when installing the chevron floor is the alignment of the corners of the floor. The chevron floor of traditional common male and female tenon splicing must be installed with a full glue system. Before installation, you need to book the backing in the centre of the room on the ground in advance, and then use the scraper to evenly scrape the adhesive on the ground, while laying on the backing, pave the first row of floors, and wait for the first row of floors. After the adhesive is dry and firmly fixed on the concrete floor, the second row of floors will be laid the next day, extending row by row to the edge of the room. Therefore, once your floor installation workers are not experienced in chevron floor installation, it will cause problems in floor installation. All the joints cannot be aligned, and relatively click vs tongue and groove large cracks will appear soon after installation. And the larger the paving area, the larger the gaps and dislocations. The so-called miss is a thousand miles away. These gaps will not only greatly reduce the beauty of the floor, but also hide dirt and increase the difficulty of cleaning. Therefore, in order to solve this thorny issue that has attracted much attention and has been criticized for a long time, we cooperated with the Swedish Valinge company to creatively add a locking system to the chevron floor. Valinge 5G Click System is used. Välinge Flooring is a part of Välinge Innovation AB – a Swedish innovation and floor producing company based in Viken. The Välinge Flooring brand is our first hardwood flooring products, launching in the US, EU and Asian markets. Our patented technologies Woodura® and 5G® are already well proven, and our R&D facility in Viken is considered to be one of the world’s most advanced R&D centre related to laminate, wood and wood-powder based flooring technology. By adding the locking system, we perfectly solved the problem of the sharp corner alignment of the chevron floor. Once you install the two fish bones in the correct way, they will not loosen anymore, and you can always install them backwards, and only the pieces can be aligned before they can be buckled in. You never need to worry about gaps due to uneven installation. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled if it is misplaced. And the most revolutionary change is that even if you are an inexperienced ordinary user, we can DIY, which makes the installation easier and more fun, and allows you to save a lot of installation costs.
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